Would like help determining what this dream means

  • A friend of mine had a dream of her neighbor who had moved away a couple of years ago. The neighbor eventually passed away. in the dream the neighbor was in a room covered in gold and silver. She was wearing a tiara and was offering my friend gold and silver. She kept telling her to take it but she didn't want to take it. In the dream my friend remembers leaving the area and then returning and she asks the woman's daughter... where is your mother.? The daughter says "she left but she left these for you" and she hands her rubies. Can anyone tell me what they think about this dream? Thanks!

  • I feel your friend may be suffering from a lack of abundance, or a poverty mentaltiy and that the neighbour is urging her to accept prosperity into her life or allow herself to have more. The neighbour herself may have had the same problem and now sees the error of her ways and wants to help those with similar atttiudes.

  • thanks TheCaptain!

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