I feel like I am being punished

  • I am so tired of trying to do the right thing and getting screwed. Does anyone see anything good in my future? maybe a decent job, financial stability, something!!!

  • As long as you feel like a victim, you will be victimized. Start to think you are a winner and you will become so.

  • I have tried to think positive, but it keeps getting worse.

  • Marsc, TheCaptain helped me see many times that we pull energy towards us that we send out...if you send out hopeful good energy....things will get better kind of mindset, then you will get back better energies...possibly find a way to do something for someone other than yourself to take your mind off your situation to clear your negativity out and bring some positivety in. 🙂 I feel like being around happy young children may show you how to think more of others and find your true happy in you...

  • Marsc, what do your negative thoughts do for you but make your situation worse? There is nothing good that comes out of thinking the worst. If you tell yourself that you are blessed (and other similar positive thoughts) every day and night for a month, believe me, your life would change miraculously. Thinking you are being punished is not owning responsibility for the decisions and choices you have made that have brought you to your life today. Nothing and no one else but you has brought you to this point. Once you acknowledge that you are the creator of your own life, you then realize that you can change it to something you like better.

  • Thanks Captain, my problem is I always want to help others. Then when I do, something always happens. In other words I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

  • marsc135,

    just adding from example, do the right thing for the right reason and you may not always get the result you thought you might get, but being reflective and you can get the good feeling because you know you did the right thing. That price you can't buy, others think of what’s in it for me. It may seem the harder road to take the high road (you see it as getting the short stick), what others can’t measure is knowing you did the right thing. I know I lived my life that way and there are times that I have been short stick-ed...but in the long run I am way better off; the journey may be tough, but it will make you stronger. No one can take the peace from you either... so it is all perception; look at it from the good. You may not get the results that others get, but those are only short term results. Long term you will grow and be happy.

    So keep doing good,

  • What happens when you try to help others? Do they resent you 'butting in' as they might see it? Do they show no appreciation - or what specifically?

  • I had gotten a job in WDW. I took over for a kid that signed a paper that everything was done. He didn't do everything he was supposed to do, so I completed it for him. It was a safety issue. So I got fired. But if someone fell, it would of been my fault to. Either way, I was screwed.

  • Then you would have definite grounds to appeal the sacking.

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