Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof: April 15 Begins a New Flow of Energies

  • Cosmic Awareness: That this Awareness would agree that there is significance to this month of April. That the date April 15th has been suggested when something may happen, but this Awareness would rather say that April 15th is but the beginning of a new flow of energies that are ready to sweep in. Indeed this Awareness would ask that you individuals do not put such emphasis on one single day, anticipating something of great magnitude on that day, for if nothing occurs there may be great disappointment and anger that nothing happened even though so many have been predicting things.

    This Awareness would say of this day, of this day of April 15th that it will be the leading edge of a wave that is coming, a wave of consciousness that is ready to roll into the beaches and coasts of the nations and of humanity itself. But it is seen more like the leading edge of a tsunami. That when a tsunami is rolling in, that an action takes place whereby a wave comes in and then is withdrawn a great distance far, far greater out than is normal.

    That many are lulled into this empty space, and as happened in 2006 in the catastrophic tsunamis that took place in many countries such as Thailand, that many who were intrigued by the waves rolling out and the great expansive exposed ocean bottom that was suddenly available, ventured out into the exposed depths, not realizing the danger. That after a few minutes, the next wave came and this was that which was the tsunami and those that ventured out indeed were doomed.

    That at this time the energies are such for a great event of upheaval. This Awareness will not predict any one event for it is not the events that take place that is of significance here. It is the fact that there is new energy about to roll in, in such a wave that many may be caught out, many may be doomed by that misunderstanding of the currents and tides that are taking place.

    That this wave that is coming in may cause great damage to many at different levels. That it is seen there can be a geophysical event of great magnitude. It is seen there can be economic events of great magnitude. It can also be seen that there could be a disruption of society due to these events. That many can fall victim to this surge that is coming, or many can read the energies that are being displayed and rather than venturing out into the exposed areas that are left with the retreating wave edge – that they can take measures to head for the high ground or to prepare themselves for that which is coming.

    It is seen by this Awareness that April 15 is but the edge of this tsunami in consciousness and that it may retract and many may feel that something has been achieved due to certain events that may occur on the 15th and not realize something greater is yet approaching and be trapped in the shallows when the greater wave finally rolls in and crashes down.

    That this could be seen as a disaster, a cataclysmic event, and could be interpreted negatively. But this Awareness is saying there will be signs and that many will have an intuitive perception of the unfolding events, to not go into fear or blind reaction, but to be prepared to seek the high ground, to understand that this wave of energy that is entering must enter, for old models must be now broken asunder. Old ways must be swept away as the new energies and the new consciousness begins to make inroads.

    That this Awareness would also say of this period of time in this month of April that the greater energy will truly be available on the 20th of April and for several days thereafter. However this Awareness must also add that many will not understand the nature of the events, will not recognize the true fact that this is a powerful event of consciousness and may instead become enmired in the actual events themselves, may interpret their own reality in accordance to the events happening around them and be swallowed up by these events, be affected by these events rather than finding a safe distance and a higher level to view these matters from, a safe level or height.

    In other words, that as this Awareness has said in the past, it may well be that there needs to be a powerful destructive period of time as things are destroyed that are no longer necessary, that indeed may present the obstacles of one’s own advancement, the chains of one’s own enslavement. This Awareness is directly speaking here of the beliefs that most hold at this time still of physical reality, of societal reality, economic reality, emotional reality. That the new times that are ready to sweep in will indeed sweep away many of the old ways and for many who cling to the old ways, this will be a great disaster, a great tragedy, a great challenge.

    That this Awareness would also add here that each individual will view these upcoming events and the sweeping energies of consciousness that are ready to come in from a different perspective. That for many when natural disasters occur and people are swept away or destroyed and buildings are destroyed or swept away and society breaks apart, that this is a catastrophe and there is much agony and pain in such events, for one is in the middle of these events and is not seeing them for what they are.

    Therefore it is seen by this Awareness that many will suffer with certain of the events that are coming. But these events, this tsunami of sweeping energies and consciousness is necessary to commence the deeper changes and that this is but the beginning. It is therefore of great importance that when certain things radically change in one’s life or around one, that they do not get sucked into that which is underway, other than by dealing with the situation, holding one’s head up high, seeking higher ground, higher comprehension. That if one is swept into the chaos of the changes that it could be a dangerous place for one and that they could easily be swept away.

    As always this Awareness is speaking of these matters to prepare one and not to frighten one or intimidate or to give one a sense of hopelessness to the times that are coming. Furthermore, as this Awareness has been trying to teach, there are many timelines of possibilities. If one does become immersed in a negative timeline, a chaotic timeline, a catastrophic timeline, that one may indeed live this timeline, or one can view these matters as the sweeping changes that are coming to sweep away the old so the new can be born.

    That you have all come to be part of these times. You are all involved in the energies of change and transformation but most do not remember. The majority of humanity has no idea that they have chosen to be part of these end times, these times of great upheaval and transformation. They have come to have the experiences of the upheaval and the catastrophe, but not for the experience of rising above them, this may come for them later, for their souls later. But for those who have a sense of things here, a sense of these matters, that it is to be remembered by each and every individual that they have chosen to be part of these sweeping changes. That they have chosen to be alive during this exciting time and that they have as their possible destiny, their possible timeline, that which is the survival of these times and flourishing in these times and moving forward from these times into the new timelines that lie directly ahead.

    Therefore this Awareness does indeed state that this month, especially from the 15th of April onward and in particular the 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of April, are intense times. That they will be experienced in exactly the way that you, the individual, needs to experience them; you the individual expression of the soul has planned it.

    Remember that it is so, remember that you will be well. That you can take measures to ensure that no matter what occurs around you or in the world itself that you are all right. That you can extend this understanding to your loved ones and friends and hold that they will be all right. That this will help if you are of a nature that is fearful of what might happen to family and friends, but with this there must also be the understanding and recognition that each is responsible for their own destiny. Each has their individual design and plan, the design and plan of the soul that has projected itself into this present timeline and these present timelines that are unfolding.

    Therefore in the times ahead, be aware that they are energies that have long been awaited, are energies that are not simply about death and destruction and the upheaval of all that has been in the sweeping away of what once was. They are the waves of change that you have so long awaited and so long wished for. Now is your chance to rise above these waves, to be observer to them, participating in the changes in consciousness but not being swept up in the madness, the chaos, the negativities that will be also released during these times.

    That this Awareness does indeed support that the times ahead are crucial, and rather than project negative energies to these events, that this Awareness would simply say: be ready, be prepared, have trust, have faith and know that all will be well.

    That this completes this question.

    Thank you, Awareness. Thank you for the ‘heads up’ on this.

  • I needed some Spiritual Encouragement today and was delighted to find your post as I have been many times, Thank you so much for the giving of your time and knowledge and your Blessings to us all


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