Hi Astra, do you have time for a reading??

  • Hello,

    I am currently needing insight from Spirit around a decision to forgo a 2nd year in a personal development program that I have attended for the past year. I have learned tons of valuable laws, principles, skills and other tools that will support me on my continued life journey and do not feel that this 2nd year is needed for the growth that I have achieved thus far. The decision is for reasons of monopoly of time toward this program and away from my family, children and relationships that I value as well as for other personal and financial reasons. I know that my future will unfold as Spirit has ordained and purposed it too whether I complete it or not, but I want to be sure this is not totally out of alignment with Divine purpose/will for my life at this time. I just havent heard an 'answer' in my meditation regarding it.

    What can you tell me concerning this as well as what might be forthcoming in the near/far future concerning career, vocation, and future in general?

    I appreciate your time and energy Astra! Light and Love surround you always,


  • Hello TheTransformed,

    I looked at some cards on this and here is what seemed to be suggested.

    Based on the below I would say that it does look like you are in the midst of some significant transition physically (behind you, 10P3), and in path ahead (10W4). So that tends to lend support to your choice to forgo this second year of those studies, it is really saying transitions and those mean a previous path (9) is closed out (your first year in those studies?) and a new phase begins (whatever you are heading toward). I saw nothing here that said "oh no! You must finish that course!" It seems to show you in a pretty easy going "blending" approach to life lately (omicron A and 5), pretty relaxed and easy going in spite of the fact that you are contending with these transitions and also changes above (5P1) and below (5C2), physical setting changes (beginning) and emotional changes (beneath you, more subconscious maybe).

    So with all of this 5 and 10 influences around you, I can understand your sense of "what about this 2nd year?" and not getting anything really clear from Spirit. 5's and 10's are both transitional and for you that means stay relaxed and flexible even though answers aren't forthcoming. (Spirit may be in "silent" mode so that you can know that even though you may not "hear' anything, it still means that your trust there is carrying you forward to your best. And when all else fails, relax and do nothing would be the general attitude about 5's and 10's. Until these transitions pass.

    Most active for you right now is this transition of material settings (10P3) and a very very expansive think-talk, communication pattern (8S8) ramping up. So what's ahead for you is a material-physical setting change-transition-change and a very emphatic communication pattern. So, you are going to be having expansive dialogues soon. could relate to your own internal dialogue patterns, inner self talk is also in transition (10W4) as a foundation. Something is certainly transitioning for you.

    There is a change in the way you are blending in the social communication patterns (6SB and omicron, blending at 5) so that once again lends support to the change in this class-study pattern you have going.

    You also have a emphatic social emotion pattern indicated (6C6) so what is ahead for you appears to be some very emphatic communication with your social sphere in some way, as regards emotion, feeling, play, house, fun, love, relationship, innocence, childlike.

    Upsilon (I have been using Greek letters for the major cards lately) - the Sun - is your "reflective" card so that seems to show some real relaxed sunshine days for you, bright and light and nice and pretty relaxing! So this seems to foretell a nice period opening up in your life where you transition THROUGH something that may require some focus on staying your cool, serene self (the true you) and that this is all somehow connected with some focused communication socially in emotion themes.

    "What might be forthcoming in the near/far future concerning career, vocation, and future in general?"

    Based on everything, I would say:

    Expect a period of transition and there may be moments where you are seeking Spirit and aren't getting answers as you normally do. Not to worry this is for your own personal best growth. I think this is designed in some way to bring you into a new phase of communication? It seems to all be leading you into some very earnest communication+social emotion effort (could be career related, like a change of position that allows you to communicate more with others in a more emotion+sincere way).

    Omicron (temperance) appeared twice and that is a very relaxed and gentle "blending everything with everything" so that will be felt as situations where you simply relax and go with the flow, and not to allow any lack of "answers" cause you to react to the "lack of answers". Could be some trust-deepening experiences where you will gain a new sense of freedom in your path, a joyfuness you didn't know existed as many pieces fall into place. And what once day looked like a mystery becomes a breath of fresh air! So, in general... a period of transition and change... leading to a social-sharing communication in emotion themes.... then the Sun, relaxed and all is brighter than ever! You could be feeling the transition themes around you now. When I see 10's and 5's like this, I usually conclude it is time to relax and finish that novel or do something rather mindless for a time. I didn't see anywhere any indication of having to complete this course, so I think you are on the right track there. I would still weigh it all out for yourself of course.

    Letter writing also could be something indicated as you step through the days ahead? I really have this feeling you have learned a lot already and Spirit may be opening doors for you to share with others these things? It seems indicated, speaking or writing (8S8).

    Hope that helps and didn't overwhelm you! 🙂

    light and peace for you too, and thank you so much for you kind wishes my way!

    best, astra

    a. 55 - omicron, blending

    b. 26 - 6S

    1. 35 - 5P

    2. 15 - 5C

    3. 40 - 10P

    4. 10 - 10W

    5. 55 - omicron, blending

    6. 16 - 6C

    7. 60 - UPSILON, one

    8. 28 - 8S

    The setting is:

    (a) blending a(b)out social-sharing think-talk

    Beginning, changing material reality.

    Affirming, play, changing emotion reality.

    Growing, transition material reality

    Foundation, transition path-role

    Changing, blending

    Social-sharing, social-sharing emotion

    Reflecting, sun, one

    Expansive, expansive think-talk

  • Hi AstraAngel!

    Thank you so very much for the reading! It has helped me have a bit more insight on the energetic flow around me for sure. I am still undecided; want to make sure I am not 'running' from the unknown expectations or any fears around that. I am really very overwhelmed and feeling boxed in the with demands of my life lately. As well as, like I was saying, the feeling that I am so distracted from my family and relationships that matter to me most; have been sacrificing a lot where they are concerned. At any rate, I am sure it will all come together. Will wait for more clarity in time.

    Thank so much as always dearest one; I am grateful! Praying Light, Love, Peace and Abundance be yours always!


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