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    Hello 🙂 Blessings for all you readers 🙂

    I'm a bit scattered and lacking direction in my life. I'm about to move with my mother again, which I hope will bring new opportunities...!

    But something feels 'off' like I'm missing something. And a lot of my life has been about restriction. I'm asking for any advice on why this is, what purpose it serves me (soul) and ultimately any tips on how to break free.

    Thank you very much,


  • Restriction or lack of freedom is an illusion, Zara, and we all have to learn that. We are all free to do what we want, go where we want to, and create what we want - but here is the sticky point - only if we allow ourselves to. The only person who stops you doing anything is yourself. It is usually fear that holds us all back. If you discover what you are afraid of if you attain freedom, then you will no longer be limited or held back. Perhaps deep down you fear going out on your own so you self-sabotage your efforts to move out? Or perhaps this relates to a fear of letting other people down? How often have you stopped yourself from trying something because you imagined it to be beyond your capabilities? Have you ever thought something was too mentally, emotionally or physically challenging for you to handle so you didn’t even try? How do you know what your limits are if you have never 'been' to them? That is how we self-sabotage. Scientists reckon that according to the math behind the flight of a bumblebee, it should not be physically able to fly - but no one told the bee that. Ask yourself - "Have I ever pushed myself so far that I couldn’t go any further? Is there absolutely no other way to get more out of myself? Have I actually met my limits? Really? Could I be selling my abilities short?" If you haven’t actually pushed yourself so far, so fast that you completely understand your limits, you truly don’t know where those limits are. Your physical, emotional and mental limits are an illusion simply because you’ve never actually 'seen' them. You just think they are real. Until you test your physical and mental limits, you’ll never know how far you can take yourself. You might be blinded to your true capabilities. Make it a regular habit to test how far you can take yourself. Fight your fears. Stop hiding and bravely go where you've never been before. Otherwise you might not be living up to your true potential.

    Where do you focus your attention, Zara? On feeling bad or like a loser, on how hopeless your efforts to move on seem, how you'll never get a job or family of your own or whatever, or negative defeatist thoughts in this vein? Because wherever you put your attention, you get stuck there. The act of identifying with this dark inner dialogue actually produces the dead-end you fear. Now if you think about how wonderful life is and how many opportunities to do great things there are around you, your way to success will magically open up. Don't tell me you cannot change the way you think because you definitely can. It is a personal choice - you can choose to dwell on dark thoughts (which might be your way of self-sabotaging) or you can choose to believe that a better life awaits you. You are in control of your thoughts and feelings - not the other way around. Refusing to dwell in the world of discouraged thoughts and feelings is the same as opening the door to a new world without limits. Just start working with who you are now. In other words, do what's in your power and refuse to be discouraged about anything else. Keep repeating this new action one step at a time until you've walked away from the whole false idea that there's no further you can go.

    Tell me, Zara, do you know what you really want? Because, unless you are crystal clear on your goals, the Universe cannot help you manifest them.

  • Thank you for your response 🙂

    It's funny that you say this to me...I've told so many people in the past these very words. The idea of the power of thought and emotion, use being our rulers of this. And there was a time where I was in that mindset and I felt great! Perhaps I've falling off my horse!

    And I do believe I have in the past at least tried the physical limits of myself, I used to push very hard to lose weight through rigorous exercise. But things have really become still and dull now!

    And for your last question. No, I don't know what I want anymore. Which is a shame because I used to be confident on this. But now I find myself dancing from idea or hope. Ultimately, I want to be happy, but my idea of what happiness is changing, evolving to love more isolation!

    There are things that seem untapped. I've always greatly desired to be an artist somehow, but never explored it...never knew why. I wish to pick it up now (and have a little) but I don't know if it is wise for me to truly invest in.

    The universe keeps throwing '11' at me, for months and months now and I have no idea...it might have been even more than half a year now. I wake up to X:11 or go to bed at that time, I see x:11 of so many hours through the day. I'll click things with 11 views or 11 comments etc...11th street it goes on. I wondered if this was ever a hint of what I should be doing, but I just let it go since I wasn't finding much information on it. But the 11s haven't stopped.

  • You never know what you can do until you try. Imagine if each one of us was a genius at something but we never found out because we didn't dare to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. Don't be afraid of failure - it's how really smart people learn what is not right for them, or else they just keep trying to succeed until they do..

  • Right, right...thank you. But now I have to find out what that is 🙂

    Does the 11 mean anything? Or am I just seeing what I want to see? Just today someone called me at 11:11 exactly.

  • This 11 phenomenon is happening all over the world. Check out the web for more info. Eg -


    There is even a forum there for people seeing 11 everywhere. I believe it is the angels calling our attention away from our material concerns to more spiritual ones, making us aware that they are all around us and that it is time for a BIG change to the way we have been living.

  • Thank you very much. I was a bit worried it might be a bad thing. I really wasn't sure!

    If I may ask another question...

    Beyond everything else you've told me...is there something else on a grand scale I need to tackle? Really, any insight would be fantastic, such intuition and guidance would truly help me. For I've been without for sometime and do not have may people in my life he can help guide or advise me!

    Blessings 🙂


  • Zara, I will pull a card for you from my self-created Advice pack. I will ask your guides what you need to know right now.

    Your card is -


    This situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Gratitude. Gratitude means giving thanks from your heart. When you do this, energy flows from your heart and activates certain responses from other people, as well as the Universe. When you are totally grateful to a person for something they have done, that person feels the energy of thanks and is so over-joyed by it that they want to give you more. When you send out heartfelt thanks to the Universe for the blessings you have received, the Divine energy lovingly responds by giving you even more blessings. Heartfelt gratitude is a key to abundance … it unlocks the great resources of the Universe. Judgement and criticism are the opposite of gratitude and appreciation. Genuine gratitude and appreciation heals. When you appreciate something and are grateful for it, you are focusing on it, so by the Law of Attention, it increases and multiplies. When you realize that you are sent challenges because they help you to grow, you alter your attitude towards them. Within every challenging situation is the gift of a lesson. Your task is to learn the lesson and appreciate what it has taught you. If you want your life to become happier, healthier and more abundant, keep a ‘gratitude journal’. Every day write down a few things you are thankful for. You will find yourself looking for good things to record in it. You will automatically become more positive and appreciative.

    Attitudes which activate the Law of Gratitude:

    · be positive and appreciative

    · count your blessings

    · be joyful. When you glow with happiness you are appreciating what you have

    · remember the good things about a person, and people in general

    · focus on the good in every situation

    · give praise generously

    · use the words ‘thank you’ genuinely

    · be loving and kind

    · recognize your own magnificence

    · celebrate life and be happy

    Gratitude brings to you untold blessings from the Universe.

    The Benefits of Being Grateful -

    With so much going on in your life, it is easy to forget and overlook who and what you are truly grateful for. It can be challenging to focus on what you are grateful for when you are feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied or disgruntled. You can find any number of reasons (or excuses) for not focusing on what you are grateful for, such as:

    · Feeling too busy or stressed in your daily life

    · Focusing on the negatives in life and the world around you

    · Paying attention to what you may feel you are ‘lacking’ in your life

    · Waiting for things to change for the better

    · Focusing on what work needs to be done rather than on what you’ve already achieved and are steadily achieving

    These reasons are understandable, but unfortunately they get in the way of fully feeling, living and expressing the most powerful emotion you have access to - the power of gratitude.

    When you choose to re-focus on the positives and choose to be grateful for what you have rather than what you do not have, the power of transformative gratitude will change your life. The more you are grateful and show gratitude for all the blessings in your life, the more you will receive in kind. Simple things you take for granted that you can choose to be grateful for each day will lead you to receiving more blessings. Stop and take stock of your true core values ... ask yourself:

    “What do you love most about the people in your life?”

    “What do you appreciate about your life and lifestyle today?”

    “What are you truly grateful for, both small and large?”

    The emotion and expression of gratitude makes us all feel good about ourselves, others and our world. It is also a wonderfully powerful attractor of love, peace, abundance, good health and wellbeing, success and connection with self and with Source. The more you positively focus upon what you already enjoy, appreciate and truly love in your life, the more you find you have to be grateful for.

    There are too many ways to practice gratitude to list but some simple things to do could include:

    · writing cards, notes or emails and expressing your gratitude to others who have touched your life;

    · meditate and focus on what you are grateful for and thank the Universe for your blessings;

    · arrange a lovely dinner party or impromptu celebration for yourself and others;

    · keep a gratitude journal and make sure to write in it regularly;

    · keep a simple list you can add to as you think of precious things to be grateful for;

    · think of some unique, thoughtful and personal ways of expressing your gratitude to others and yourself ... treat yourself with love and appreciation.

    Enjoy your blessings ...Your Attitude Determines Your Life

  • Wow, thank you.

    You are such a beautiful soul. Always helping so many others. I've always admired you.

    I will challenge myself, and I will take steps to gain control of my negative mentality and turn it back into a positive one. How far I feel without realizing it!

    Blessed be,


  • Always here for you...

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