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  • Hello 🙂 Blessings for all you readers 🙂

    I'm a bit scattered and lacking direction in my life. I'm about to move with my mother again, which I hope will bring new opportunities...!

    But something feels 'off' like I'm missing something. And a lot of my life has been about restriction. I'm asking for any advice on why this is, what purpose it serves me (soul) and ultimately any tips on how to break free.

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  • We bother so hard with life searching for happiness, love and achievement, even though one day we are just going to lose everything. Seriously what is the point? Why do we bother?

    • The point is that at the end of the day we say, that we lived and took advantage of this life. We bother searching for love or achievement, and searching for happiness because that is part of our human nature, and if our human nature did not include these, this life wouldn't have moved on. Life revolves around what we the humans want. Our "wanting" to succeed and wanting to live is what makes this life go on. If no one really bothered to live or to search for love (which is not even possible because like we said that is the human nature) then their would be no such thing as memories, no such thing as someone being a doctor or a scientist or anything, and basically no life! So basically we live life and we care about the things you've mentioned because we are humans. We can't live over the ground thinking about being under the ground after years. Then when you are at the end of your life you will say, why did I waste this life? I could have had love, success and achievement...why did I loose it? << Think of it that way. You are a human. You need and want love, you like success and achievement, and you like living. << don't you think these are worth living? Don't these make a point of life? Do you think it is possible for you to just not do any of what you want to do?

    Humans are in-tuned with life. When we are in this life, we need and want to do some things in it, until eventually just like anything in it, it will end. Since you know it will end, instead of making you less motivated for anything, why don't you think of it as lets live it to the fullest or lets take advantage of it positively? You won't want this life to end and you didn't have any of what you could have had or so. "Why should we live this life if it will eventually end?" Ok then just don't live it. Wake up, with no urge to do anything, no desire to have any food or to be clean or to dress-up good << Whats the point of doing it all if at the end we will loose them?..... Does this sound like a life we can live? This, is what you would want to call "loosing everything" because you could have lived it all. When you will die, you wont loose these, you would be in the after-life, and in the after life, you would be different, you wont like doing whatever your doing now, you will have a different "life" which comes after this life. (well I didn't try it yet but I guess that is the way it is!) Live this life the way you would want to as a human, and never forget your spiritual side, because your spirit is what stays with you here and in the after-life. Now you might be asking "Well why take care of our body if our spirit is what is only going to be with us forever?" < Whenever you have these questions tell yourself - Ok, don't take care of your body. Don't care about the way you look it wont benefit you in anything?- then ask yourself, can I or any human really live this way? <- Ask your self these questions every time you have these thoughts.

    God put us in this life and He is who instilled the desires in us. He didn't just put us on this Earth to sleep and eat, that what makes us different that animals. Between are hands is the future. If we wanted to we can make changes in this life. Why would we waste all this energy just for the fact that one day we will die and this will end? Its just like being part of a program (for example) and saying nah, I don't want to contribute to it or do anything to it because it will end a few weeks later. After the program ends, you see that some people made differences to themselves and others, and achieved a lot, and you are in your same place because it will end anyways....When you are in this situation, don't you think you would regret not taking action in it? Or would you still think that it wasn't worth it? --- This is only an example, then how about life? In your question you said that one of these two reasons are why people live on this Earth, either being in heaven or they are afraid of death. Speaking of heaven, do you think God will let anyone enter heaven? That someone has to deserve it by what he/she has done in this life. And speaking of them being afraid of death, I didn't quite understand that but I believe you meant that they are not committing suicide. If so, then I'll tell you that these people would be the desperate ones that don't value their body and spirit...since they do want it to end.

    Again God put you on this Earth.. do something with it. Remember, we bother because that's our human nature, and the point is also to feed our human nature.

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