3Coins Devil Temperance

  • My question regarded a possible course of action. I was given some counsel about an issue that I have worked hard on just letting go. Unfortunately the issue has infracted the future of my education and has been greatly infracted my financial ability to finish my degree. My question was:

    "Please reveal to me pertinent information about what would manifest If I was to pursue contacting the president of the college at Brockport in regards to the breach of contract and fraud in order to reach a fair compromise that may facilitate some justice".

    I drew the 3 of coins in the near future and the Devil in the Distant future and the Temperance card as the outcome.

    I perceive the 3C to be indicating networking and a cohesion with individual parties who are coming together to discuss the issue at hand or to help me resolve the issue.

    I perceive the Devil as an indication that I may need to be weary that the parties accountable and the college may abuse their power due to being a large organization. This could also be a warning that it still may be in my best interest to just keep the issue detached from my life.

    Temperance could indicate a mediation and resolution where both parties come to a compromise. this also may be just myself healing more from the issue and putting it farther behind.

    Any incite appreciated.

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