• On January 9, 2009 a spirit contacted me. I felt her presence in the room and she told me that her name was Aaliyah and she showed me a plane crash. She was a famous singer and actress. Why did this spirit contact me? Afterwards I kept having dreams about the way she died and about her family. The last dream I had about her was this year in march where she was wearing a silver cross and a t-shirt with Brooklyn written on it. She was smiling to me in this dream. Why does she comes into my dreams? Is there something she wants to tell me? I feel that her spirit is still around me. I did not know her in a past life because I have never been reincarnated before. sometimes I wonder if it was a fallen angel who contacted me and pretended to be this dead singer? I know that fallen angels can impersonate dead people.

  • Those who have passed over will contact whoever is receptive to them. The spirit of Aaliyah reached out to many sensitive people when she died. She comes to people in their dreams to reassure them that life goes on and that there is peace and happiness on the other side. She doesn't want anything from you but for you to be at peace with crossing over when your time comes. She has chosen to bring her message to all those who see and hear her.

  • Will she be reincarnated again? I had a dream about her where she told me that she had not been reincarnated at the time. Aaliyah also told me something about a sacrifice. What does she mean by that? Someone being sacrificed?

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