How to approach a shy Leo woman?

  • ok so this Leo that if been talking to is very shy. I knew her in college but recently just started talking to her again. She was always shy in college and I always had the hotts for her, but did not want to be aggressive in talking to her. Now that I talk to her, through the phone, text etc, I want to find out about her but she is like i said shy. So how do I get her to open up. How should I approach her? any shy leo women that can give advice....or any leo women in general.

  • are you sure she is just shy? I mean she talks to you already. maybe she is afraid of something and she can't tell you. have you met her siblings? how are they, to you and to her as far as you know? if it's possible, meet her often, instead of phone/ text.

    I was shy to some but not to others. I wasn't shy to my hubby when we met. so in her case it might be upbringing. I don't think your aggressiveness will scare her though LOL as long as you can control it, not harming her and not boring her. Or maybe she is just not interested.

  • yes, there is such a person, a shy Lion. I guess you should try first to become good friends, make her trust you and then slowly move on. Because she is shy , she needs you to be a warm person, needs to feel that you support and encourage her actions or ideas. Let her open in her own rithm, don't push or she might get frightened and back into the shell. Good luck!

  • I love the Lion and Lioness! No matter what their individual personalities are, they all love to be treated like royalty. Consider the smallest of thoughtful gestures, a poem you wrote, a story of how something beautiful you saw reminded you of her...gentle, firm, confident; she will likely start to purr. These females love a MAN. (P.S. I'm female and some of my best friends are Leos).

  • Yes give her sincere compliments but dont overdue it. this will let her know you are intrested. I think she is being shy with you because she likes you. definantly tell her teh things that you like about her just not all at once. She might think you are not that into her or she may be dealing with a crazy ex or something that she thinks will scare you away. Chances are she likes you too. How will you ever know?

  • Im a Leo female and Im a little on the shy side. It takes me a while to warm up to people. I have to get used to you before Ill actually talk to you and be comfortable around you. And yes I have very high standards when it comes to men, I think that goes for pretty much every leo gal. Like Oldernwiser said, yep we love and want a MAN, wont settle for less. I am soooo picky when it comes to guys. Ive only known one guy who is everything I could ever ask for and want. We've been off and on since I was 16, Im 21 now. He is a cancer, Im patient with him and Ill wait for him until I know theres nothing left to wait for. When we Leos fall in love, we love you with all our heart and every last piece of our soul and if we lose you, we lose ourselves.

  • so what would you recommend in my situation? how can i tell if she really is interested in me?

  • Hey All - I'm a Leo woman and I am shy at first with men (and women) especially when I first meet them. Have you guys been dating in person, or are you just getting warmed up to the idea? The suggestion above that when you talk with her, you tell her what wonderful things you see in her - that always makes me melt to think that a man has spent that much time thinking of me. A Lioness definitely Wants a MAN over a mouse, so also share with her your values and code of honor as a gentleman. We love bad boys with big hearts, someone who is as masculine as we are feminine - you know? When she trusts you (just like a pet cat), she will give you all of her heart. When you break that trust, everything will disappear, including your loving "kitty-kat" - just like she was never there. So May Good fortune smile on you! God Bless

  • well im just trying to warm up to the idea. how do i discern between whether or not she is intrested?? or if she is just looking at me as a friend?

  • Well, have you tried actually flirting with her? or maybe asking her to go for coffee? Something you guys will do alone, but not too intense and intimidating, like dinner. You're not going to know if she's interested until you take some steps towards finding out. Flirting is a good one, but also getting to actually hang out with her in person and see how she acts around you. If she's okay with hanging out with you alone, that's a good first sign.

  • heres what you do you talk to her like she isnt shy it really makes her feel more comfortable problem solved.

  • @rawrbecka and what i mean by that is it helps her really open up because your the one who started the conversation and not her and she feels theres more lifted from her shoulders

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