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  • i'd really appreciate if any of you talented readers could give me a general reading on career & finance. i'm self-employed in a creative field and lately it's been tough financially. i'd like to know if i should stick it out in this field longer or try a different route. thank you so much in advance!

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  • Hey cylll

    I am happy to share what turns up, I was waiting to see if anyone else wanted to read for you.

    a. 49 - iota

    b. 54 - xi

    1. 24 - 4S

    2. 42 - beta

    3. 34 - 4P

    4. 38 - 8P

    5. 44 - delta

    6. 62 - chi

    7. 50 - kappa

    8. 40 - 10P

    Your setting:

    (a) aware (b) part

    So, basically right now you are in a very "aware" setting in life that is concerned with the "part" or parts of something. So that sounds like you are really becoming more aware of your "part" that you play in your creative efforts. You could be finding yourself more critical or examining your creative efforts deep down, looking at how they work, how they are put together in hope of moving forward with the passion you love to feel in your efforts.

    then the rest of the cards would try to fill in some details and then we can try to make some educated guesses about where your creative path seems to be going.

    1, begin ( nurturing sharing }

    2, play { play }

    3, share { nurturing nurturing }

    4, nurturing { moving nurturing }

    5, viewing { nurturing }

    6, relate { everything }

    7, dream { away }

    8, move { away nurturing }

    So the reading is basically,

    "An awareness of parts"

    "Beginning to nurture sharing, while playing hard. You are sharing a lot about nurturing. You are nurturing the movement of nurture (so a possible move). You are viewing nurturing and relating to everything, Your dreams are away, and you are moving in away-nurturing patterns."

    That is the core reading, the rest of this is my expansion on that which becomes more subjective.

    You have a lot of pentacles (nurture) patterns showing up in movement placements (3 and 😎 so there is something very much trying to transition physically related to your creative path, change does seem to be in the air for you Cylll related to the creative path. You are also nurturing (cultivating) movement (action) in the basic foundation of your creative path. So it seems you are really wanting or trying to make some real changes in this path somehow.

    You are also dreaming "away" meaning transitions, so there again you are longing to make some sort of transition in this path perhaps even requiring you to be alone or apart for a time.

    Viewing is in the nurture pattern "parent" then (delta, empress) so you are really taking a hard look the creative path and willing to make changes there. You are also relating (socially) in everything, meaning you are really trying to see how your creative path best fits into the "big picture" and you are willing to make whatever changes are needed to see that this effort is perfect for you!

    What seems to be beginning right now is a nurture of sharing. Meaning you are in some communication with others related to your creative efforts, or dialogue in some way. Communication seems beginning in some nice way for you related to your efforts. Your heart is really into the "play" of it all, so you must embrace that! So important, to really feel yourself playing in your work, that is vital. It could be that some of the "play-fun" has drained away and you want to recapture that playfulness.

    So, all of this together does show some change or transition for sure I think you are seeking a new playfulness in your effort and are willing to do whatever it takes to play! Right now you seem mostly in a pause or stopping point and are really sifting through the parts of your efforts in the hope of discovering something overlooked, or you simply want to better understand what you do.

    Your specific questions then we can try to make some educated guesses about:

    "I'd like to know if i should stick it out in this field longer or try a different route?"

    Based on what I am seeing, you are primed for some sort of change, transition. Deep down you could be ready for that change. Nurturing and play and being willing to be away for a time to find yourself could be upcoming. I could easily see you taking some time off if possible to search your heart... maybe a trip to the ocean alone, talking to the wind. I think you are really digging deep in your soul for what you really love to create and want to make whatever changes are needed. Your heart seems to be saying "different route" to me.

    I hope that helps. Your heart will guide you! There is a lot of physical earthiness to your cards, so a physical expression of your search is important, perhaps the search itself becomes new the creative effort! (I can relate I have a painting background)

    best, astra

  • thank you astra, you are very kind.

    you are spot on on so many things as always. i am definitely going through a period of questioning what i can do to improve myself in this field (photography) and understand my part in what i have failed to achieve. i have a lot of plans on this regard, things to do & try, etc. so i think i can say that i'm trying to take a different route. but, my original question was more along the lines of "should i admit defeat and give up?" i know it's not sth you can or should decide based on tarot but i need some sort of guidance and understanding from sth or someone who wouldn't let his / her bias get in the way, you know? is this job what i'm supposed to do or am i wasting my time? can you see my achieving any semblance of success?

    i had a reading on here a couple years ago telling me that "no good would come out of it"! ha! maybe i should have followed that advice back then 😄 thanks a lot again!

  • Hey Cylll

    I hear ya. It is not an easy career path being any sort of sincere creative type today, especially when you hope it can pay the bills. It is important I believe to always keep in mind that in addition to your photography efforts, the universe also is growing you up to, as a beautiful child of the universe. Sometimes that can require some challenges in our artistic efforts as that will tend to force the issue of trust, being confident that regardless of what is happening or not in your artistic realm, YOU as a person are perfectly on path, on track and doing GREAT.

    I don't like the black or white choices we make to try and conclude to "give up or not". I have tried to "give up" over and over as a painter and I always still wander back to it sooner or later. One issue we have as artists is that we are trying to follow our inner child artist, while also creating work that is marketable or that people want to support. I could never get that equation to work, I was always creating the exact opposite of anything marketable, which pleased my inner child, while my outer adult concluded "you are nuts to keep creating work like that!". Not sure what you are doing, photos for hire or photos as art you sell. In either case you will feel the call of your inner self to express in pure ways while dealing with "how to make this work financially". Not easy to solve that today.

    I wouldn't worry or try to make any conclusions about what your new direction might be. I think it will evolve in its own way.

    "is this job what i'm supposed to do or am i wasting my time? can you see my achieving any semblance of success? "

    Whatever you are doing right now is what you are supposed to do. You really can't go wrong. I understand the frustrations though of trying to create and also dealing with sales and success paradigms. It could be a phase emotionally for you, and soon you will break out into the clear noon day sun and be so happy! I would keep doing whatever you are doing now while also being sensitive to try new things, or little adjustments in your effort.

    Oh! No good would come of it? I think good can come out of anything, it is really all in the hands of the universe to guide you along as is best imho. Tarot readings really may not be the best thing for artists, I think we can get wrapped up in trying to figure it all out, and get sorta lost that way. Could be what happened to me haha...

    We did see changes for you in those cards though, at least it is bubbling away in you deep down. I wish I could tell you what to do or what to change, however I am not really able to do that.

    Maybe try photos where you take self portraits of yourself screaming and see how that sells :).

    Me? I would avoid questions like "will this path turn out or not". Maybe focus on readings (if you want readings) where we look at specific options in your work. The truth is these answers are already in you, the cards simply show you what you already know. You are wanting to make changes, and the cards will pick up on that.

    So here is a card for you now, Strength, keep the faith, don't let the lions of life rip your heart out. Be true to your inner child, and maybe team up somehow with others that feel the same way? Although creatives tend to be hermit types like me. I can really relate to you, believe me.

    One area I have been really focused in lately is to always look for the "fun" in whatever it is we create. Stay sensitive to those activities, modes of expression that are more emotionally fun and zero in on that. Fun is very important, when artistic efforts become "work", they eventually dry up and die. We are all made to PLAY not WORK.

  • cylll

    real quick

    I have looked at your situation once in a while and I do get that there is something about your present career work you need to finish. to get back to its more simpler beginnigns,. when it was more fun. until that is addressed it will be hard to move on

    my inet access is limited though so can't share much more



  • dear astra,

    sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this. i've needed to ruminate on it a little bit.

    you are so right. tarot doesn't work great on yes / no questions and life is seldom black and white. but sometimes you get a tad insecure and desperate and look for comfort and reassurance in things like tarot 🙂 it was one of those moments for me. it passed and i threw myself back into things and definitely feel better and more optimistic. i don't know how long this "mood" will last, though 🙂

    about your update, sadly i don't know what you might be referring to. i'm shooting weddings and such life events at the moment. though i don't hate it and surely enjoy it, i don't love it. my heart is in fine art side of things and i want to start building a portfolio in that vein in the near future but i'm also self-taught and considerably new at what i'm doing, so it's all very trial and error and lots of research. maybe, that's what you're referring to with "more simpler beginnings", which is shooting what i love and enjoy?

    anyways, thanks so so much, again! for the readings and listening and all your kind words. they are muchly appreciated!

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