Hi Astra!

  • Hi Astra, How are you? I havent been here for a very long time, and am very glad to see you are still giving readings. How nice! Would appreciate your insights when you have time. No rush.

    I have two questions. The first one which is the reason why I decided to log in my account tonight. I got a blocked phone call on my google voice number. Only one guy friend knows this number. And we are not on good terms. havent spoken for half a year.. I was wondering if that call was from him? Or maybe its just my wishful thinking.. and it was actually from someone who dialed the wrong number. Anyway, i thought it was odd, and would like to know what your cards have to say.. My second question is, how's my ex doing? Its been more than two years since we broke up and we havent spoken ever since. It's not like I wanna go back. I just find myself occasionally revisit the fun time we had together, and I do find myself miss him from time to time. But that's all. SO how's he doing these days? And more importantly, how does he feel about me?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Astra.


  • hi Astra, me again. some update, please disregard the first reading request.. I just found out its not him. a strange woman left a voicemail and i just heard it 😉 still, am looking forward to hearing from u regarding the second question. Thx!

  • Okay DDTT



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  • Oh sri I missed that second question! I will circle back with you on this shortly....

  • Dear DDTT

    I looked at your question and I thought it looked really nice, here is why.

    a. 4 of Cups

    b. Page of Pentacles

    1. 4 of Pentacles (above)

    2. 10 of Pentacles (below)

    3. 8 of Wands (behind)

    4. Hierophant (before)

    5. 2 of Swords (viewpoint)

    6. Page of Wands (environment-social)

    7. Sun (dream-memories)

    8. Moon (movement)

    "SO how's he doing these days?"

    His setting is a stable emotional 4 and a new effort in some physical way, home, job, creative. So that seems very good. Above, top of mind for him seems to be toward material stability, beneath is also a transition of material life. So he is contending with something he is trying to do that is new, materially (work, home, security patterns), while transitioning out of one physical material pattern that has completed and he wants to move on.

    What is most active for him is 3 and 8, 8 of wands and the Moon. So that seems to be some effort in his path related to lunar themes, mystery, illusion, change. Somehow he must be seeking this Moon to attain the 4 of Pentacles stability pattern. Could be a creative effort?

    His #4 card is the Hierophant which is very much connected with themes of dreams, memories, bringing the past into the present. And he has the SUN as his "dream-memory" card, so that tells me that just like you, he has some really find memories with you that are still very strong with him. I would guess that he thinks of you quite often with fondness.

    His social-relate card is another page the Wands, so he could be seeking some sort of path with you in wands, if I am reading this right. It has been a few years? So what, that is a blink of the eye in the big picture.

    A 2 swords as a "viewpoint" card, so there is some sort of agreement or affirming communication expression that he is viewing now. Could relate to you? Some agreement in your past together. The twos are playful, so this could be some sort of playful communication pattern he shared with you.

    I would say his feelings are strong for you, he shares the same fond memories and has emotional secure foundations on his mind, dependable relationship themes perhaps. He is really about securing a foundation in his material life though, that is a concern.

    Okay, I hope that gives you something to think about! you could be hearing from him, that two of swords wants to talk to someone nice... and it looks to me like you are the "nice" to him.

    best! -astra

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