Past Life Mystery

  • Hi! I was hoping someone could answer this for me. I was recently reading about a woman who realized she had experienced a past life as a Hollywood actress. I was reminded of something I've been trying to solve. I've long felt a connection to old Hollywood and old movies. But, nothing has come up during a regression. Is there any connection to a recent past life? I don't think I was famous. I thought it may explain something with my current life. Thanks!

  • No I feel you were more like a film buff or movie critic from that era, not an actor or anyone closely connected to the movie industry. You may have been briefly dating an actor from that time period however..

  • Thanks for the information, Captain! I felt like there was a connection, but it did feel like I was someone who was behind the scenes or maybe just a film buff. Was the actor I dated anyone of note? Would I be able to look this person up and find information on them?

  • I am getting a feel of Rudolph Valentino - or maybe someone very like him at that time. It was definitely during the black and white movie era.

  • Wow! That's interesting. I wasn't sure if it was anyone famous or not. is there anything else you could tell me about this life? When was it exactly?

  • For further information, you would need to ask someone who specialises in past lives. I am more a present day psychic.

  • OK. Thanks Captain!

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