• GOD message for 15th April 2014

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    Beloved ones I am the energies that you may place in the context of GOD and I am here as the human race now begins to move and to shift fully into expansion. For many of you at this time this expansion may feel as if it is something “else”, it may feel as if it is the very ground beneath your feet being shifted from you and I use this analogy deliberately for you have in essence been chained to the planet earth. Taught over and over again that you are nothing but a speck of dust on a planet that is within a universe of stars. This is distortion in the extreme for you are the BRIGHTEST ENERGIES that walk in human form upon and within planet earth and this has been hidden in plain view for aeons. Now is the unveiling of who YOU ARE in TRUTH and many of you are still trying to avoid your own gaze in the mirror.

    As the energies now expand and move inter and multi dimensionality is birthed THROUGH your human vehicle, you are able to experience life on this planet in this your human form in NEW and expansive ways. Many of you are still trying to cling on to the wisps of illusion that still linger, as they fade and dissolve before your eyes you allow the teachings of distortion to try to teach you that you are lost, that you are alone and this is not TRUTH, for ALL support ALL at this time and ALL ARE ONE in TRUTH.

    At this time you are asked to stand in the LIGHT of your SOUL, to understand that what now dissolves fully from your outer waking life experience was never there in TRUTH, it was a projection of the very frequencies that held you in place within the old 3D earth created reality. Now you are free to create, free to LOVE in TRUTH and free to live your human life experience supported and loved by ALL for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

    I draw your attention to the connections that are within the human life experience for you at this moment, I ask you to reach out to your SOUL and to understand that you are POWERFUL beyond measure. As you align fully with your SOUL, as you breathe in the FRESH AIR that is now available for you, around you and through you then you will FIND BALANCE and you will begin to create and to live in TRUTH. It is not TRUTH to walk a planet in a human form and to believe that this is all that is open to you for the human life experience is one that is chosen BY YOU, FOR YOU and is lived THROUGH YOU, do you understand my guidance ?

    As ALL now move fully into position those who walk the planet in human form from the family of GOD will now make themselves known, these energies live TRUTH so that others may SEE and understand and comprehend TRUTH from a very human perspective and they are now being placed to enter the physical reality which is the NEW EARTH in TRUTH in the UNIVERSE of 3. They have walked hidden within the human race for aeons, now they step fully into the LIGHT so that those who’s eyes have become accustomed to the darkness may see them shine and understand that they look into a mirror. FOR ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

    May the human race now understand who they are in TRUTH, may you each individually understand why you chose this path, this form and this planet, for ALL that has been promised to the human race is now DELIVERED in TRUTH.

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