Hi Captain!

  • How are you doing? Things are okay here. Took a break from flying and started playing/writing my own music again. Trying to setup office in Florida and I think that's going to be a good business area for us. I did meet a girl who loves theme parks like I do, but I dont know if shes interested in friendship or more. i dont want to lead her on. health seems to be okay too.

    what do you see? anything good, bad etc?

    so how are you doing? did you see any of the new dr who episodes yet? i havent been keeping up. thanks!

  • PG, let's be honest here. you are just delaying life from happening to you. You need to feel loved and valued and you are not getting that in your marriage. You claim to only want friendship from other women but you are lying to yourself. You want love, real love. You need to resolve matters in your marriage one way or another. Otherwise either you or the girls you lead on with pretend visions of 'just friendship' are going to get really hurt. You can often experience a great deal of heartbreak in love, linked to your inability to make good romantic choices. This is based on a lack of self-esteem. Stop playing games, grow up emotionally, and make your life really happy, not just something 'on hold'. I think you should definitely dig deeper into your musical side - if you are able to conquer your insecurities and emotional instability, you can be successful in a music career. Your health is now good so you don't have any excuse for putting things off. You have enormous creative talent but you have a hard time settling on what you want. Ask yourself if wanting to be a pilot is not just a way or excuse to 'fly away' from your problems at home or meet someone who might give you the love and attention you are missing. Do things that will really boost your self-esteem and confidence, instead of just dreaming about them. You CAN achieve success and happiness in both work and love but you have to take some hard action and make decisive choices to do so.

  • You are right. Dead on actually as always. tough love lol. i will take your advice always. thank you!

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