Need help interpreting cards!

  • Hi everyone!

    So, I wanted to ask the tarot if a certain someone I'm interested in would contact me again.

    Did a yes/no spread and drew the page of wands. Since pages are messengers, I'm guessing that's a yes..? So I tried asking the tarot an approximate time frame for as to when it would happen. Got the 10 of wands. I interpret wands as quick movement, but never had much success or accuracy with timing questions, so I don't really know how to interpret them. I usually get inaccurate and mixed results.

    Can anyone help me out?

  • Hi Ellie,

    Issues of reading for yourself aside, Yes/No questions really don't work all that well with Tarot. My personal experience is that questions of time never really work either! It's better to ask what you could expect from him if you got back together or what is the potential of the two of you being in a happy relationship. My personal feeling is that the Page you drew was a reflection of your energy - wondering about a message/wanting a message of some sort from him. 10 of Wands felt like too much effort or work would be required on your part for this relationship to have a go. It feels like you are under-valuing yourself. How did he treat you in the past - be honest. Then ask yourself why you would want to go back for more.

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