• Thanks very much for your reading, Shuabby!

  • Hi Shuabby

    My DOB july19,1937

    I would like to know about my health and love life. Thank you ':)

    Betty rose

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Shuabby

    My date of birth is 2/11/1960. If you have the time I would like to know about a future career I'm looking for and my love life. Thank you, Joe

  • thank you for clarifying further shuabby! i'll remember it for future! i do agree with what you have mentioned! i hope i make right decisions in future!

    thank you very much for your time dear!

  • Hello Shuabby,

    If you haven't reached your tenth person, could you read for me?

    I would like to know if you could describe my life partner?


    Thank you if you can, thank you if you can't!

    Light and lots of love.

  • Shuabby,

    Wow.. I am so glad that I was blessed to receive this reading. I can relate to practically everything you said to me. I am thinking of going into business with my sister. I am planning on taking a business course at the local college even though my grandparents and my parents had their own businesses. I still feel that I need to learn about the business aspects as times have changed and running a business is not what it used to be. I am looking at buying a house but I do want it to be a bit bigger than what I have because I want to move my parents into the house or to an adjacent house as there are getting older. They are still active but my father has a heart problem and my mother has arthritis.

    Johnny is my father's name ! and he needs to be happy.. he doesn't seem content with how his life turned out. I gather he would have loved to have done more before he got so sick. I hope that he can see that life itself is a gift. I don't know Susan and Melinda is the name of a coworker but I somehow doubt that is her..lol not very cheery or hard working for that matter. I am the person that people come to tell their problems to. I do some readings but its more of a secret have not connected to spirit but I do feel the strong pull to the cards or to the world of spirit at times. Its like at times when my mind goes to the spirit world. Do you understand what I am circle of people that even know that I can do that. I do it only for close friends and my sister. I trying to say? Is that when spirit is around me? I used to dream things and they would come true but I haven't had that in along time. I do want to work on my spiritual self and on my gift if in fact I have one. The big black dog.. I had a dog for 11 years.. he was mostly black and don't laugh but his name was RED... is he the one that visits?

    I thank you for your kind words and the wonderful reading. MAny blessing to you for sharing your gift!

  • Oh and we did just sell a house.. that's probably the legal papers and the money coming in!! We weren't living in it but one of the rooms is yellow!!! 🙂

  • LaLeona,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Yes, you are able to connect with your guides and spirit and if you put your heart into it a bit more, you could read at fairs, or expand how you read to Internet website. Red is indeed the dog that comes to visit.

    Many blessings to come your way my dear.


  • Hello Shuabby

    Thank you so much for the reading, it was so accurate. I am a nurse who is looking for pt work. I am fascinated with surgery and would consider it as an area for employment. The man you described is my future, only to be found with employment. That I know in my heart even before you mentioned it. As for the cat, I do have one with colors, she was adopted by us being found abandoned. That message she has for me SCARES ME. Change is coming, yes I know but WHAT? Amazing reading Shuabby, can't thank you enough- Sharon

    PS If you have the time can you please finish the last readings? I convinced my mother and brother to write a message to you since they were( I thought) within the 10 psychic readings you offered. If not, thanks soooo much anyway!!!

  • Hi SongofSharon,

    Glad you enjoyed the reading.

    I am sorry I did not get to your Mother and Brother readings.

    I only did the readings for the day and it ends at midnight, so I stopped than.

    They can reach me for a reading that they will have to pay for at ExRIgrl45@aol.com

    I will give them the details when they contact me.

    Have a good evening,


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I realized that I didn't answer your question. I do sing sometimes and have thought about pursuing a career that involves singing. I'm not so sure it's a good idea for me, though. I've been hoping to be able to attend a certain school, but there are significant hurdles. It's better to just accept things as they are. I'm glad to know that things will be alright.

    Also- I had a follow up question, if that's OK. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the helpers you mentioned? They are in Spirit, right? I have an idea of who they might be, but I'm not entirely sure. Thanks again for the reading.

  • mh83

    In answer to your follow up question? Also- I had a follow up question, if that's OK. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the helpers you mentioned? They are in Spirit, right? I have an idea of who they might be, but I'm not entirely sure. Thanks again for the reading.

    When names come through I give them. I am the messenger. I feel that you may have an uncle in spirit that has the name of John or a J in his name, that does watch over you. I also feel that you will meet a man in the physical that will be of help to you with a J in his name.

    Hope this helps you,


  • Thanks for answering my question!

  • 08/22/1951 will I ever be in a better position job wise and financially?

  • Shuabby

    Hi its me again. I just read your response because I was away from my computer for a while. I was sent to a company training at another location right after the reading! Got back into town then headed on a vacation for a few days with my hubby then picked up the kids on the weekend and headed to a different location to visit family! Today I just heard that I am going to be sent out of town of a special training! U really nailed it with the travel part too!!

    You are truly are gifted!

    You are very kind in sharing your gift! Take care!

  • Hello Shuabby,

    I would like a reading please if still available. My date of birth is 09/13/1957 ,Chicago. I have all my life been drawn to all that is metaphysical. I guess my question is ,I want to deepen and enhance what gifts I have and become MUCH more sensitive to them. Do you see this happening for me ? Also, We almost moved out of state last year. all fell apart within one week. Husband did not get job he wanted. He does have a good job now ,but is bored with it and hates the cold here. I am on the fence with moving. Do you see us moving ? Thank you SO much for giving your time and your blessed gift. Love and light be yours,,

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