• Hi,

    I have not done readings here for awhile and today I find I have some time to do so.

    I read regular playing cards and use my clairvoyant skills.

    I will respond to only ten requests at this time. Please send only one question with your DOB.

    Lets get started.


  • Hi Shuabby:), please do a reading for me, my question is: what does the rest of the year hold for me?

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  • can i sit for a reading please? my dob is 2/11/1980

    i have been told that i have a re union coming up with my twin soul. i want to know more about him, like where will i meet him, what will we be doing together and will it be a life time affair? will we be together in a long term relationship in one place or move on and away after a while? how will we influence each other? i would love to know the details of this relationship with my twin.

    thanks much for the kindness!!

  • Moonalisa

    I would say that you should be having a social year, one in which you will meet new friends as I hear the name of Jerry and Judy, Iffe, and Clemmentine, Edward, unusual names yet wonderful vibes with these people coming in around you. Watch your words and how you speak them now, as you want to advance yourself this year and if this has to do with the sales world than this is your year to shine.

    Writing is coming in here and if you plan on writing an important work than now is the time to do so. If you do not write and want to learn do it now in classes close to home.

    This is the time to improve your attitude and appearence and environment. I see flowers, really beautiful ones bright colors, do you plant them your self? I feel water around you as if you want to live by the sea . This can become a reality for you if you are already not there.

    A move of resident is forthcoming and I feel a house which seems to stand alone and is not all that large and sand all around it a beach house for sure. You will love this place. This may be a house that you will visit , yet not live in year round.

    Love is in the air and you feel at the top of your game and perhaps open to new adventures . I see you with a partner yet he is not lite up , he is like a shadow , so this to me means that you are either in a relationship that is uncertain at this time and leaves you feeling alone or you have not found this man that lights you up from within as of yet. He is coming so don't fret about affairs of the heart , this is a fullfilling year all the way around for you. The angels say : ( Watch your thoughts and only think about love and success and that way you will pull these things to you).

    It had been a pleasure to read for you today.


  • Aceofcups,

    You are due to meet a man and I see him being tall and dark hair and rather quiet and needs to be opened up with love, he seems to of had a rough childhood that left him a bit withdrawn , yet still a good person. Andrew is a name I am hearing which is either his name of someone around connected to him.

    I feel you are wanting things to happen fast, this will take some time as you will need to go at a slower pace with him. He feels like a tarus or a cappy , he likes fish and will be a fisherman and sports also, dirt bike coming in here and cars. I can'nt perdict that you will marry him or leave the area in which you are now at this time. Some things need patience to unfold and happen.

    I feel dance around you, like you dance or like to do so, enjoyment and fun is important to you and spirit says to make sure he will share the same interests you have at least half way.

    I do see a home for you and it comes in as a two level stone home in the country side , feels like an area with change of seasons coming in here. Two children around you a son and a daughter, are they with you now? Do you dream of having children? You will no doubt about that sweetheart.

    The name of Erin comes in here and this person is fun and wittie lots of light around them.

    I feel two marriages for you my dear and do not concern yourself with this so much now because you can have a deep love for both of these men that you will call husband and I also feel that you will be in marriages that last over ten years or more at a time.

    Health is a concern here when it comes to you and spirit says to drink more water and eat some greens to keep your body running in good order.

    Ask your angels to help you in finding your soulmate , they are the best guides in the world in matters of the heart and also know that they are always with you to help you when called upon.

    I enjoyed reading for you and wish you the best,


  • omg! that was a very informative read shuabby! you have always given me some very useful pieces of information. although your other reading hasn't fructified yet but i can now make out where you were coming from:))

    when you say i will have two people in my life i will be very close to, does it mean one will go away and other will step into my life? or they will be there together at the same time? i have been with my current partner for exact 10 years now. does it mean it's time to end it and move on? can you please clarify this for me? i don't know any of the persons with these names you mentioned as yet. am still looking for a job, may be i will meet them through work?

    i have no clue about this stone house either. but you and other readers have told me that i will be moving out so that house could be a possibility in the future.i love children. i have a daughter and am not planning another child at the moment. do you mean i will have another child in future? or more?

    i always wanted to have lots of children. they are such joy to be around:))))

    i feel stuck and bored currently! tired of doing household chores and it feels life is draining out of me. health has been a concern lately very true! i have been trying to get back on better health but somehow there is major slacking going on as far as regular exercising and eating healthy is concerned. i am thinking of detoxifying as i already feel sick in my stomach.

    i feel my guides are around me all the time. i have been sensing their presence around me for past few years. they nudge me when i am doing/going through something significant and it is almost always instantly sensed by me. i'll remember your advice regarding asking for their help to meet the soulmate.

    i'll definitely update you if anything happens soon.

    thank you very much for the insightful read! you are an amazing reader and a wonderfully gifted one!

  • Aceofcups

    when you say i will have two people in my life i will be very close to, does it mean one will go away and other will step into my life? or they will be there together at the same time? i have been with my current partner for exact 10 years now. does it mean it's time to end it and move on? can you please clarify this for me?

    I feel you are bored with your partner and for other reasons that I know you know what I am saying here. You are stuck and not allowing growth for yourself, fear is a factor here. Ask your guides to help you make the deceisions that you have been thinking about making, and help to open doors for you to walk through so that your life can start to change and flow again. I did see your current partner as a shadow meaning that he is losing meaning to you or that you do not connect well in vital ways with him now. You will have to use your own free will to move forward and find your soulmate in another man. You will know when you have met him, your soul will tell you in such lovely ways. Your soul being your mind , will and emotions will swill with lights of love and laughter and fullfillment.

    Thank you for your kind words and may you receive many blessings from above.


  • Hi Shuabby , I would love a reading.. 9/24/66

  • La Leona

    This should be an active year for you with change in the for front. I feel a move has occured for you or will from a larger space to a smaller one . I see yellow rooms at least two in the new place of two different levels of the color yellow. Spring has sprung dear and so will you as I feel a business deal in the works around you (legal papers) to be signed that will bring you money. You will use this cash wisely as I feel a better car or truck in the color of black or blue navy is what I am shown.

    Do you or your better half travel as I feel it all around you at this time. You need to watch that heavy foot LaLeona or is it a son that has it? Accidents do happen that way and be aware of this.

    House House House is what I hear. What about a house around you are you buying one at this time? Who is as someone is buying a house that needs the foundation looked at , they are showing me cracks in it or the people moving in think that this will be a whole new beginning for the relationship and it has cracks in it that need to be worked on to bring about a more blessed union.

    Johnny is a name coming in here and Susan also. They come in a little grey, but can overcome what they need to and become happier people. Are you a person people take their problems to LaLeona. Do you read cards yourself for others? As I feel you have a gift of words to say that are healing with others.

    There is a big black dog here and R comes in with his name . He feels like he has passed over and visits from time to time at the place you live now. Like he feels it belonged to him and he guards it now.

    Health is a concern with the fingers and knees as I feel pain in these areas. You need to look into actupunture for relief of this condition along with of course medical doctors .

    Do u have a concern about one of your children or perhaps a grandchild? As I feel your concern here. I see the colors of yellow-green and red around this situation. Healing will occur and the energy will come back is what I am given to tell you. Prayer is being heard and answered in due time.

    I think you can feel spirit around you at times and when you do you should try to connect a bit more with it , it as if you can be a medium , just let it flow and read and get into spiritual classes in a spiritual church.

    MeLinda comes in here the name and she is really delightful in energy if you do not know her you will soon.

    I will leave you with this information. I know you are a special person LaLeona and look for good things to come your way from giving so much to so many.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thanks for the offer, I would love a reading if you have time. What does 2014 hold for me in love/relationships? My date of birth 18th March 1980.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Shuabby! I would like to know if you see me moving past the present difficulties in my life this year. My DOB is 12/31/83. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Shuabby

    Thanks for the offer. My DOB is 9/15/63. Anything of importance regarding my future would be nice to know- esp career/love. Best wishes

  • Pieces1803

    I feel some sadness here with you , as if you lost what you feel is the true love of your life, and that no one can replace them. In a way you are right, your expectations are high at this time and I feel a wall of emotions that you need to break through to open your heart to love again.

    The man I see is not clear in focus meaning that he is about a year away for you. He seems to be a man of deep inner strength and a good match for you on a mental level, he may be a stepping stone for you before meeting the love of your life. It feels like your emotions are bound up in a knot and have to be released one at a time for a renewal of love in your life. I feel you alone for awhile with your thoughts and emotions.

    At the end of this year you will be ready to step into a new experience where the matters of the heart are concerned. You will open the door and walk through and begin again is what I receive for you and you will be much wiser in your choices of a mate.

    I do feel children around you , adopted or adoption is what is coming in here, are you thinking about a child from another race or culture? I feel a male baby around you and he will have some breathing problems that can be sloved. Happy child overall and will be open to spirit later in life.

    I see a blonde man coming in here and oh so good looking with wavy hair and a charming smile. Jeff is a name that comes in around him. He will be one to consider for you when the time comes.

    He will be an earth sign . Virgo is what I receive here.

    Love comes when least expected is how I will bring this reading to an end.

    Best Wishes to you.


  • mh83

    Yes you will overcome and walk in victory. Do you sing as I feel you have a great voice and dance as well come in here. Schooling adn experience matter for you. If you do not get to enter into the school of choice there is a reason for this. Distiny at times is written in language we can not change only accept that we are being guided toward what is to be for and in our lives.

    You have within the answers to your questions and are now on the road to the quest that you are seeking. Your road is the color of orange at this time and you will soon reach the conclusion to the question formost in your mind.

    Vision and prayer are suggested for you. Dreams will have answers and meaning also.

    Jake or John come in here as your helpers along this journey you are taking. You will make an excellent teacher in time yourself.

    Dance to sad music as well as to the happy tunes of life, they both bring with them joy to the soul.


  • songofsharon

    I feel that you are a hard worker and one that moves forward through study and dedication. You will want to make a change soon and I hear the word surgery, are you a surgery nurse? I see a leg it appears on the right side and it feels like it is your leg that bothers you now or your hip. Pilates would be good for you to do to keep it lose and working.

    Your career is stable and I feel you want to work in a different environment with less hours. This can be achived in time , don't give this request up just send it up to heaven and watch how things start to happen for you. There is a smaller scale building you could work in, a medical center which is new or less than a year standing. Charolett and Jenny come in here as being good friends to you.

    Love is like a fleeting star for you, you want a relationship , yet you don't you need to jump off the swing and put your dancing shoes on and go out there and have some fun, there is a man I see him as 45-55 in age and could be a doctor or a man of high status. He looks at you with admiration and respect and will let you know that he is interested in you. Jake or Jack is a name around him.

    I see a calico cat around you , even if you don't like cats this one has a message for you. Life is full of many colors like my coat of fur I wear. Remember that things change and sometimes in a flash , so hold on to your hat , and go out there and make a splash into the pool of life and be sure to breath and enjoy the dance.


  • Thank you very much for your reading Shuabby. I do have high expectations in my love life as I am afraid of getting hurt and my unrealistic expectations of wanting a long lasting marriage/death do us part to that one person only in my lifetime perhaps is an impediment.

    You are correct, I have currently got my walls up guarding my heart, especially with a Virgo man (D) currently in my life. He has my emotions all tied up in knots. I feel like we have a great connection overall, but our life, responsibilities and views differs vastly and for it to be sustainable means one of us would have to make the sacrifice for the relationship to survive and I don't know if I can do it.

    I'm not sure about children around me as the only children I have had close contact with lately belongs to the Virgo man. I don't have any myself and have no intention at this point in time to have a child out of wedlock . Old fashion I know :-).

    Another Blonde Virgo?? Hmm, can't hardly wait....:-) . Blonde and good looking sounds great :-). Thank you very much!

    Warm wishes back to you. xxx

  • As Bugs Bunny says : That's All Folks


  • Thank you Shuabby:), you have made my day with the reading. This year i am planning to make changes in my career as i feel strong enough to do it at long last, this is something that has been on my mind for some time. it'll be connected with change of residence as well. Where i live now are two lakes and i often walk by the lake to regain balance as water has such a soothing effect on me. As for the matters of the heart, i am in love but this is a long distance relationship that's why you see the shadow of the man probably.:) it seems like things are going to be fine in my life this year.:)

    Thanks a lot Shuabby and many blessings your way.:)

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Long time! Hope you are well 🙂

    If you are still doing readings, may I have one? D.O.B is 25 October 1979

    Anything Spirit wants to tell me with regards to career opportunities and love relationships mostly.

    Thank you!

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