• Again, this guy calls after over a year of no contact, at least from his end. He whipped back into my life last year, then out just as quickly with no explanation and I never heard from him again. I called him once to ask him how he was considering his grandmother was dying. As he had when he first called, he asked was i all right? Not just a casual, how are you, but ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?

    Now he calls again after all this time. My life was going along just fine, thank you very much. I was - and still am - adjusting to being on my own and being grateful for having the time, space and opportunity to do what I want when I want. This phone call threw me into a bit of a tail spin, and it's told me one thing at least: That my foundations are still shaky if a mere phone call throws me out. And that question: Are you all right?

    I am wondering though: What does he want this time? Last year he wanted a relationship, age difference or not. Then backtracked two weeks later. So I'm scratching my head wondering what is on his mind this time, if anything other than a friendly phone call?

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