Love reading exchange :)

  • Is anyone willing to do a love reading exchange with me?

    My question is, Will anything ever happen between H. and myself?

  • I hear spirit say sameO sameO. What you are missing from your life journey is a connection to YOU. An awareness of patterns that are very clear in your life to others but you are too connected to outside distractions. You have difficulty understanding why you become attached to worry, uncertainty and the problems of others. You are too conditioned from a young age to not question uncertainty and worthiness. The men in your life may be different yet there is a common roadblock with each and the feelings you have with each also shows a pattern. It is not that you are not intuitive but there is a fear factor holding you back from healing from this pattern. You must heal or at least be in awareness about yourself before you can bond long term in a healthy relationship. Spirit shows me that you present yourself to men as easy going, will not judge, and it is true you can be very much "passive" starts a pattern of you MONITORING the relationship....looking for signs.....and pretty much leaking your own power into a spiril of distraction. You end up taking responsibility for another's happiness which mirrors back to you as putting your own state of happiness out of your's you getting stuck.....trapped in a bad cycle and then that man who felt you would not DEMAND too much from him suddenly feels the truth. THAT you need more then he give....or then he chooses to give. He may even get resentful that you don't get it. He can't explain it because you attract men who are just as disconnected from themselves as you. With you and your attractions there is too much emphases on feelings and not enough AWARENESS. Spirit shows me as a child you were very sensitive....too sensitive for your family. Someone dominated the family with strong will of the head. A buck up camper energy. Not a bad thing unless your sensitive side was not nurtured. I am being shown a little girl who could play alone for hours, talk to animals and would try and save a baby bird, with great devotion. No one has taught you how to manage that side of you. You are not a little girl anymore but your relationships are still dominated by that little girl in you. Right now if you do not be brave and go through a lone journey with yourself that will open a flood of painful painful emotions you will continue to have relationships were there is no real and your man will be at a standstill to resolve anything. Because you are blind to your own patterns. You will not get how you are so easy going in your mind yet your mate will feel smothered or get confused about your honesty as not feeling so honest. The same pattern will continue. And it will not be all you as you are attracted to men who mirror this issue. Spirit shows me that life was very scary for you as a felt too much, saw too much and didn't fit in. Between 9 and 15 was very difficult for you. You lived in your head a lot but had to create thoughts that disconnected you from scary stuff. I see a lot of isolation. You feared being crazy are empathetic....pick up others states of energy but without that validation family can just see you as MOODY, flighty or dramatic. I see so much misunderstanding in your youth! It is no surprise that this feeling of misunderstanding plays out now in your life. Avoid isolation and resist living in your head. BALANCE is your friend. Avoid getting s ucked into the pattern of a relationship being so much work and monitoring. Who are YOU? Your gifts? Have a purpose of bliss that you can escape into that actually gives positive energy AND empowers you and start meditating without distracted thoughts so you get INSIGHTS. When you change the man who comes into your life will mirror that and once communication issues have healed you can grow with a man. This does not mean it will be fairy tale soul mate illusion but someone you can heal with by working through issues. But without communication that will not happen and H is not in awareness but running from it. The wound you carry most is NOT BEING HEARD! blessings!

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  • one more! this card goes withe romance card----which to me reads more of self discovery and connection with you which will manifest into a relationship with another if you follow the advice. This card below is just an Angel Hug to say you can do this and you are HEARD!

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