Would appreciate a reading if someone would be so kind.

  • Ive recently suffered a 2nd miscarriage. this one was at 11 weeks. and I had one back in june at 18 weeks. Im 35 yrs old with no kids. I suspect that there is something wrong w/me that is causing these miscarriages. typically the medical world doesn't investigate or do exstensive testing til 3 miscarriages in a row. I would like a reading that could possibly shed some light on my situation, and if there will be a definitive diagnosis or not. and whether ill be ever to carry a baby to term. I know tarot may not be best for medical situations but I feel at this point its worth a shot and certainty wont do any more harm then what ive been through. thank you

  • Celtic Cross Layout, Arthurian Tarot (I'm going to use the more common suits in the following rather than Ferguson's). Also, I only read cards in the upright position, and take the interpretations from their relationships to the other cards in the spread. I hope you find it helpful in some way.

    1. Cover Card - Strength

    2. Cross Card - 4 of Cups

    3. Beneath - 4 of Wands

    4. Behind - The Sun

    5. Above - Knight of Wands

    6. Before - Three of Wands

    7. Self - Three of Pentacles

    8. Others - Lovers

    9. Advice/ Hopes/ Fears - King of Wands

    10. Outcome - Hanged Man

    First off, I'd say you're in good health, generally. Strength is literally covering your situation. Your challenge may be a tendency to over-indulge from time to time, but you're the one who will have to decide what that means. It could be anything from overeating, to over-exercising, to a self-indulgent mindset that keeps your thoughts running in depressing circles. It's natural to be a bit down in your situation. Not only have you had two crushing disappointments within a single year, but your body has not had time to recover from either of them and your hormones have been out of whack for a while now. Post-partum depression is a real thing caused by a chemical imbalance following pregnancy, and should be treated quickly and professionally if it is a problem for you. A counselor could also help you address any anxiety you may feel regarding future pregnancies.

    At root (Four of Wands), you are a healthy, active and generally happy person. You may have recently married or moved to a new home in anticipation of starting a family. Ironically, this positive base can be adding to some of the stress you're currently feeling, since you may be seeing the people around you happily and seemingly effortlessly welcoming new additions to their own families. I remember reading somewhere that as many as 50% of all possible pregnancies may actually end in miscarriages. Isn't that amazing? Most of the time, they are related to abnormalities in the fetuses that cause them to be inviable and happen so early in the pregnancy that the mother never has a chance to know that she is pregnant at all. I don't know if that statistic is comforting at all, but it is a reminder that the process isn't effortless at all, for anyone.

    This brings me to the next card, what is behind you. This is your very recent past, and it's The Sun. You didn't mention how recently your last miscarriage was, but is it possible that you are once again expecting? If not, I'd say this is a clear green light for your body's general ability to bring a baby to term.

    Your Crown card is the Knight of Wands. You're a trooper, hon. You've got the confidence and the courage to keep trying. This combined with the next card, the Three of Wands in your immediate future, suggests to me that the third time might be the charm. It also suggests that if you've been trying to be superwoman and do everything yourself, it's time to release that mind-set and accept some help. Let your friends, family and partner take some of the burden for a while.

    As a general overview at this point, I'm looking at the three verticals in this group: 4 of Wands, Strength, Knight of Wands. These cards together reiterate a picture of someone in robust health. Looking again at the three horizontals: Sun, Four of Cups, Three of Wands - I see a naturally warm personality moving through the current period of ennui, to emerge into an attitude of partnership and forward movement, again, a good healthy mental outlook to go with the physical.

    The four staff cards I want to take together, because they seem to me to be related:

    Three of Pentacles in the Self position -- You're generally a down-to-earth person, but I'm concerned that because of your recent difficulties you may be tending to see yourself purely as a producer. Having a baby is in danger of becoming more about proving yourself than about creating a new life. Again, you are the only one who can be the judge of this. Others/ Environmental forces are represented by the Lovers. The Lovers represent choices that need to be made, sometimes difficult ones. Hopes/ Fears/ Advice are all bound up in the King of Wands, followed by the Hanged Man as Outcome. Have you considered changing Ob/Gyns? A new doctor, even as a second opinion, could offer you some insight and a new perspective on the issue. You're physically in good health, mentally in a reasonably good place considering the circumstances, but whether or not having a baby is in your future is a question only you can really answer. Are your reasons for wanting a baby sound? Is it worth the risk to try again soon, or would it be better to wait a year for your body to recover, even though another year may reduce your chances of conceiving? Do you want to take another route entirely, like adoption?

  • thank-you for your reading. in regards to my case and where I was in my pregnancies the chances r more likely something wrong w/me. my first baby was normal. I had detached placenta. the E.R doctors think this miscarriage and my clinical signs were similar to the last one. my babies had strong heartbeats at my ultrasounds. Now my mom and I were discussing a strong history of blood clotting issues that have almost killed 3 women in my family. and the doctors said its worth looking into cause 55% of recurrent miscarriages especially with detached placenta is blood clotting too much. which I have always got really bad clots. but I don't know the name of the clotting disorder my family has or they never been tested 4specific. most doctors don't do testing/investigation miscarriage til after 3. but I don't know what my doctors will do. I have a follow appointment next week. ihave celeveland clinic specialist on my case and he is really good so maybe he will. To answer your question my miscarriage happened one week ago today. My last ultrasound showed everything fine 3 weeks ago but did have bleeding around the placenta again. which is what happened last time. when there is bleeding around the placenta and if a clot forms it can detach the placenta from the uterus. I had vaginal bleeding with both pregnancies. so its possible it detached again. I had some doctors say don't get pregnant again til u figure this out. and my fiancé agrees. my question is will they test me or make me have a 3rd miscarriage first? Im rated on a free rating system and hoping that miscarriage investigation will be covered. Will they find a blood clotting disorder? I have always suspected I had one. but to test for all of them is $10,000. and I don't know which my family has. should I ask to test for most common one? if I have one then theres treatment. heparin and baby aspirin during pregnancy. and bed rest and first sign of detachment. How do u think my appointment will go next week, im scared they will say no to testing.

  • I havnt moved recently but enganged for about 2 years now. I am however graduating from veterinary technician school in next coming weeks. just finished my internship. just have to get volunteer hours done I was suppose to have done awhile ago lol. anyway I meant to ask what does hanged man mean in the outcome position?

  • The Hanged Man generally indicates a need for a new perspective. That's why I interpreted it as needing to be read in conjunction with the other cards in the staff.

    Best of luck.

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