Reading Exchange Please?

  • I would like to exchange a tarot reading with someone, please?

    I need a reading regarding a former friend of mine, and I'm curious if anyone could give a general reading about what is going on with us?

  • IMElizabeth,

    here is a pick up on your feelings,

    there is a choice and attraction

    seems like you are looking for a friends approval that its ok

    this card should be about you but I think it’s for him that he is an honest person...either way it’s a good feeling

    someone has been distrustful and you have been suspicious of it

    it seems your old friend has just recently shown up

    someone is giving you good advice...think and listen

    the suspicion is with someone else and you can’t see what is coming...sadness

    that sadness is causing you’s been bugging you

    a good guy pops up...nice feeling again

    there will be a pause in the struggle...just keep working thru yourself

    there looks like there is going to be a betrayal...which will cause a loss of friendship

    There has to be two different people, I was bouncing back and forth between a nice feeling and a disturbing one or edgy feeling. I hope this helped, I don’t have a need for a reading right now; you can pass it along to someone in need… it will come back to me at a later time.



  • He hasn't reappeared...yet anyway. I keep getting this feeling that he is suddenly going to show up again very soon. A feeling I can't really quite shake for some reason.

    I had a friend communicate with him, and I think she may have given too much information, information that was told in confidence, considering she was supposed to be a neutral party.

    I don't really feel sad anymore, just sometimes I get little vague flashes of insight into what he's thinking, etc.

    Although I have no idea what to make of the opposite extremes of feelings you were having. I feel like that may be my former friend's emotions. He tends to go back and forth quite a lot!

    Yes, thank you! You were very helpful and I will most certainly pass along another reading to someone else. Thank you very much and I hope you have a good day!

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