Interpretation on 2 cards

  • What's your idea on the tower card crowning the 4 of swords

  • Hi Daliolite

    I would say something that is “letting go” divided by something that is very secure of mind.

    “Letting go” or releasing something is not trying to manage or maintain anything of value (like the four of swords would be). So the four of swords would show something that is trying to be held on to as a state of mind or conclusion. The tower is simply abandoning self into the abyss come what may there is nothing there to maintain as secure.

    So if I am letting go of something and something else (four of swords) asks to become my denominator (under me) I would probably say “no thank you” because the two are at odds. one is trying to let go and the other is trying to perpetuate something of mind forward. This is like 0 trying to be divided by a fixed value

    so (tower) = X ... 0 = some very small number that is constantly decreasing in value

    in this case being divided by something of a fixed value (4) = some constantly decreasing value (of mind) that approaches 0

    Sounds like a once dependable conversation has dried up! 🙂

    oh i don’t know Daliolite what do you think? I play around with math and tarot sometimes for fun isn’t that wild?


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