Captain reading please

  • Captain, you've read for me before and said my relationship won't work...I was afraid to not give it a try because I wanted it to work but it's been rocky to say the least.And now i'm here few years later thinking more and more that it probably will best for both of us to move on. You said that there was karma between us which I have paid this still the case?

    I wonder what's on the cards for me this year? I was very optimistic about this year but I recently lost a close family member and suddenly it's taken a turn.

    12 June 1984.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Did I read last time for you under some other name?

  • And your life has taken a downturn because you allowed the death of your loved one to make you feel negative. So now you attract negative experiences. Try to be glad that your family member is happy and out of pain now. You will see them again one day. No one is ever lost to us forever and I am sure they would not want you to be sad for them to the detriment of your own future chances.

  • It was the same name. But there was a time there was problem with readings on here so I think you did via email too.

    The lost family member is very recent, just couple of weeks. I'm still coming to terms with it really. It's pushing me to rethink what's important and how I live my life. I know I'll see him again, I dreamt he joined other close family members. But he's greatly missed at home, his absence has filled the house with silence.

  • "It's pushing me to rethink what's important and how I live my life."

    What a great thing he has done for you then!

    And yes you have paid back all the old karma between you and your current flame, but unless you are careful, you will be acquiring more. I think you know it is time to go before it gets really bad and you both do and say things that will continue to cause bad karma. This year for you is a time of isolation, contemplation and self-awareness. You will learn how to be alone and like it. Next year will be a big one for career and material concerns. So use the time now to prepare, and to know and go after what you really want.

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