3 card spread health reading - same 3 cards picked twice!

  • I had some news from an old friend that after a smear test they are requesting a biopsy. I wanted to do a reading for her to give guidance, encouragement and support as I did 3 years ago with her breast cancer. I did a simple 3 card spread, 3 wands, death and 9 swords. I was quite taken aback as this was totally not what I was expecting. I decided the 3 wands was me worrying about her and maybe it was bad energy from me that had produced the other 2 cards, so this morning I shuffled and thought deeply about her for a long time, and produced exactly the same 3 cards in the same order! My conclusion is that it is cancer again and she may not survive it this time. I have no intention of telling her about this reading but would like to hear some shared thoughts. Thankyou.

  • The message I got is that if the cancer (or even the threat of it) has returned, it is because your friend has not learned the lesson from the first bout of cancer and did not change her life or attitude enough to ensure she didn't need to go through the sameold lesson. The death card is saying that your friend must have a complete radical change of her old ways of doing and thinking, a 'death' of her old life. The breasts represent care and nurturing so if she is not taking care of herself enough and putting everyone else before her own concerns, then she has to slow down and start looking after her own needs and desires more. She must put herself first this time and get more peace and relaxation and self-expression. Cancer is always a sign that the person needs to do a complete about-face in their way of life.

  • What, I can't say breasts plural?

  • Thank you for your feedback, although I find it very hard to agree with your reading as last time that is exactly what she did and still spends all her free time at retreats and on relaxation therapies. She totally turned her life around and is a changed person from her pre-cancer days. She also now has a patner that is very supportive and caring and there for her 24-7 which she did not have before. B-r-e-a-s-t-s are also strongly what I feel will be the problem. Anyway, thank you again for your feedback.

  • Breast issues can also relate to how comfortable your friend feels with her femininity and being a woman. Many women in our society still feel (and often receive the message from men) that being female makes them inferior or more vulnerable to attack.

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