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  • Hello all,

    I am humbly requesting a reading on a love relationship that has me confused and very depressed. I met this man through an online dating website in November. I truly felt a special connection to this man and I thought I had finally found the one. He was very slow, but I still felt as if we were going somewhere. As the weeks progressed, he started distancing himself from me (he remarked once that I was very assertive and it scared him a bit) and ultimately, after I showed a large gesture of affection (not psychical but moreso a gift), I felt that he was just playing games. He was still on the dating site, and I couldn't see how he could possibly get serious about me if he was still "looking" for someone better.

    I ended up breaking things off right before the New Year. A couple weeks later, after realizing how much I felt for him, I tried contacting him, telling him I missed him and such, and I never heard back...

    I've tried to move on since then (about two months now) and I haven't been able to. Even though I date around, I can't find someone who comes close. I suppose my question is: is there any chance of reconciliation? When the relationship fell apart, I consulted a psychic who stated that he was the love of my life and that we would be married eventually. I was very skeptical at first since the relationship was falling apart, but I still think about the prediction from time to time.

    Where should I go from here? Should I take his absolute silence as a sign to move on, or should I wait? I do believe I fell in love with him and I would give anything to hear from him again and give our relationship another shot.

    My birthday is 7/19/1988 and his is 3/2/1980. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for anyone that can provide any insight at all.

    Blessings to all,


  • Cancerlove, this works best for a platonic love relationship, rather than a deep commitment. There is usually a limit to the depth of involvement here, even though you might both feel charmed or seduced at the beginning. Affection and sympathy are more naturallty felt and expressed here than carnal desire; a selfess sort of giving, rather than a lustful hunger. No matter how close you two seem to get, you eventually run up against an invisible barrier that keeps you from going further. The two of you can make heavy emotional demands on each other and it will leave little room for freedom of choice or action. Dependency, jealousy and possessiveness can also mar the relationship. Admiration and an emotional passion can feature strongly in the relationship, but even feelings like these cannot overcome the sense of distance that is also present. Your joint inability to merge into a unit may at some point make one of you feel inferior - this is often your former friend who, try as he may, can end up unable to please you and fearing your rejection. So he will jump ship first.

    See this as the pleasant but temporary platonic relationship that it was. The deep differences in temperament and feeling between you would have eventually gotten in the way and been too difficult to surmount. Chalk it up to life experience - every person we meet teaches us something, even if it is what we DON'T want.

    You Cancerlove, may be prone to mood swings and tantrums, and must try to avoid negative thinking. There are always two sides to any story, so aim for more realistic thinking. But your charm and seductive playfulness will more than make up for these shortcomings, drawing many different potential partners to you. You have a strong need for emotional security and will often seek a close relationship with someone who is dependable. Scorpios are good matches for you, since you are both big on feelings and the relationship can be passionate and intense.

    Your former friend is very drawn to people just like you. But he is very slow to commit, always looking for that impossibly perfect mate. When he does fall in love, it is an undying and devoted love, but his unstinting adoration of his partner, children or any other person who inspires him can run the risk of stifling them. It is therefore important for him to learn to develop a more detached and independent attitude not just toward his work, but also toward his personal life. He has a tendency to isolate himself from the world and may well prefer fantasy to reality, since he has a very sensitive nature and is easily hurt. This withdrawal from the world can have a negative effect on his health and wellbeing. His biggest challenge is dealing with confrontation and conflict.

  • Thank you so much for your insight Captain! So much of what you said rang true with him, it's amazing.

    The only question I suppose I still have is do you see him returning to me in the future? As in restarting communication, not professing any kind of romantic love as you mentioned it wouldn't be possible for us...And in that case, what should I do? Do I just ignore him in an effort to protect myself or should I try to be his friend? Right now, it seems impossible for me to speak to him platonically, but if that's what I should do to move, then so be it.

    Thanks again for your insight and your time in assisting me with this! I truly appreciate it!



  • No I don't feel he wants to be friends with you and will not return. He has already moved on in his search for the impossibly perfect partner. Your real soulmate is waiting for you out there, so let go of the old as you await the new.

  • Thank you for your time and insight Captain! 🙂 Even though it is tough to hear, I know it's for the best.


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