Nick, could you please do a reading for me.

  • Dear Nick,

    Could you please do another reading for Mrs N.? She has an informal offer (she heard about it) and it is so low that she cannot possibly accept it. It is like 1/4 the actual value of the property.

    Thank you and hope you are doing well.

  • for Mrs. N

    there is a lot of strife and struggle going on

    there is a woman who is being overbearing and stubborn

    and fighting, she needs to step back and take a breath...somehow find a little calm

    there is a guy who is not telling the truth and trying to work things in his favor

    there will be justice though...there will be a balance

    success is not here yet, but it will happen

    there will be happiness and something about money

    the fighting is really getting to her, causing heartache...need to find that calm

    this is making her feel like she is stuck

    but this will turn and she will get through it, new things are coming

    trick is that she has to be the giving person she is even though it may not seem like it is working, her goodness will shine through and she will be happy

    tell her to be her I got a nice smile feeling from her... let that shine through...there will always be people that feel whats in it for me, don't let that dampen her spirits.


  • Dear Nick, thank you so much. I will tell her about your reading and this is such a good reading. I am sure it will cheer her up and lift her spirits. I hope for her the message in this reading.

  • Dear Nick, hi,

    May I have a reading? Anything you pick up on is fine!


  • znl,

    this is what I picked up,

    you did something well, worked out

    it seems you will stay as you are right now

    something new is coming that will make you happy

    you are feeling impatient, you want something to happen after the work you put in

    something you liked isn't so sweet anymore

    there is a separation...a sadness

    someone is looking out for you, a guy something with he is a leader of something or someone that has leadership skills

    you have been worrying about the loss above

    but again a hint that happiness is coming

    it will work out...just may take some time

    the sadness seems like it was a loss of friendship...what was done will come out...something you may not have known....

    hope that helps,


  • Dear Nick, I am sorry for not responding earlie but I wanted to sit with it for a little while. Also, the events of the last few days took a toll on my feelings and person. Anyways, your readings for me have been some times for things to come and I will relate to the highlights even more. I am thinking work related for what went well and I hope it stays that way too. Please let me know if you pick up on some thing else after this reply.

    I could use some thing new to make me happy. Great. I have been working on being thankful for small things and appreciate every thing even more. I am not sure who the guy with leadership or in a position to look out for me! I do have good friends that I can count on perhaps that is what you picked up. Lovely to read that. I wonder if the loss is not regarding my ex that I still feel so much for and try actively to let go and it is getting better but still a big feeling of loss and sadness at times. If this is about him then I would like to know why and learn more of what I did not comprehend or know.

    On another note, I also have been dealing with a health issue that has affected me for about a year now. Some thing that had a negative result for me and has been a sadness and worry. Maybe that is what is coming through.

    This is a lovely reading for me. Thanks a buch as always. Hope you are doing well and staying good to you. Xx

  • May I ask for a reading for Mrs N. She has asked me to ask for her. Just a bit of an update, her property has not sold yet. She had an offer (not a very firm one even) and it was way lower than the actual value of it so of course a "no go". But, she hopes for a better offer from the same party's or even another group or persons. Lots of up and down as your previous reading indicated to. I worry about her. Thanks and blessings to you for anything that you like.

  • Hi znl,

    the sadness felt like i'm personal loss so I would say you are still coping with separating. Obviously there was a reason you separated, but if felt like you may have not known everything. The trick to growth is learning what didn't and did work and using those experiences for new growth. You try and not repeat mistakes and expand on the goodness.

    I have found from other readings that you may not recognize the person helping you out right away, but he will watch out for you either way...I get from others after the fact...oh is that whom you were describing.

    yeah look at the reading its a little jumpy some lines that are connected not next to each other, basically though you have something good coming...may take some time...but it will come, don't reflect on sadness but happiness....look forward and learn from the past.

    Just me being positive...good thoughts... 🙂

    I'll try to get to Mrs N tonight or tomorrow...


  • Hi Nick, yes, I know exactly what you mean and agree. You have really good advice there. Thanks for the reading. I find it hard to reconcile the mind and the heart. I don't know if we need them to agree and if they should. It feels like a struggle sometimes. Xx

  • For Mrs. N

    Mrs N is trust worthy and stands for being right...don't let her think other wise or question it

    As she fills herself with will affect a good way

    There is some kind of pause...decisions can't be made

    Someone is not agreeing, causing a fight

    This has caused sadness, lause of respect type of feeling

    There is someone that is smart watching out...trys to help, meens well, but some times acts too quick

    The fighting causes conflict...need to take emotions out of the picture...just the facts worry about

    This has been causing family problems...sad and worried about it

    She can achieve wants she needs...hard work and effort needed still

    There is seperation and a feeling of loss

    They are not listening to her...tell her not to be indecisive....

    Tell her to listen to who she her heart...they are not listening she needs to do what she thinks best and try to make the decision not from emotion but what the facts are

    Hope that helps


  • Dear Nick, I will share the reading w her in the next couple of days. Just wondering the "the separation and feeling of loss" does that refer to people or to perhaps sale of property and at a loss?

    Did you pick up that if she works hard at this situation that she would be happy with the results?

    Is there an end in site?


  • The feeling was people she is dealing with, as in hers is not the only decision that there others that give input and they don't agree or have different opinions....basically it's not what they want so Mrs. N is questioning herself... tell her to be her and it will work out

  • Desr Nick, I shared your reading and she was very thankful. I will tell her the last comments too.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with good food and good company! Enjoy your few days of rest and vacation.

  • Hi Nick, I forgot to mention that your reading and the additional comments you made all makes sense to her. She is so happy that it will all work out with her efforts. Thanks.

  • znl,

    good to hear... sending good thoughts... may it spill over to all

  • Thanks Nick. This has been and is a very tough situation for her since it takes her away from a loving, protected environment to a hostile and not stable one. When she accomplishes her goals then much is improved and things would be normal again. Amen to what you said :).

    Happy holidays. Xx

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