Nick, could you please do a reading for me.

  • Hi znl,

    This is what I picked up,

    something is off where you trusted someone and it didn't work out

    it didn't work out where you thought it might have

    Like it started out nice then turn sour

    A bit more then sour, feels like a shake up

    you will work your way out of it, you will get control back

    part of it feels like it was too much or over done like loss of control...need to pull back to gain the control

    there is doubt and sadness

    there was a staleness, and stagnate feeling like being stuck

    indecision like what do I do now

    because you are feeling that way use caution, when your upset sometimes you don't do your best thinking...go slow think carefully

    you will work though it, trust your heart and imagination


  • Thank you so much. I need to sit down with this reading and figure it out as to what, who, when it relates to and then write back.

  • Hi Nick, I don't really know how to interprete this reading. It could be a health care procedure, it can be starting a new job, it can be related to a heartache...but, the advice in there sounds like a good thing to remember. Any thoughts, let me know.

    Happy holidays.

  • Znl,

    It just happened or you are going through it now, it felt emotional and confusion.

    The reassurance is you will gain back control, just listen to your little your heart and work it out with your head. Trick will be don't feel frozen, you can do it


  • Dear Nick, thanks for the explanation. I feel like this has to do with the medical procedure that I am totally not happy about. Hopefully, it will be ok and with good ending results.

  • Happy new year Nick. All the best for 2015...

  • ahhh thank you,

    To you and everyone else....

    Positive thoughts...random acts of kindness...will bring back smiles....


  • Absolutely!

  • Hi Nick, so here is a little update. This reading above is completely spot on as of yesterday. So, the events, what you picked up on was not for the past or even present at or around Dec 19th but for in the future which is now. It is not the first time that my readings made perfect sense but in the future and no clue at the time of the reading. No wonder, I could not at all relate it to any thing at that time.

    Could you if you don't mind do a work related reading for me please. Thanks.

  • znl,

    This is what I picked up,

    your feeling like you have to fight everything out, be careful with this feeling... it can cause ill feelings

    there is hope, but again I feel that you have like your hairs up ready for a fight or how can they do that to me... even out the negative...

    your not happy and don't feel stable

    some good is coming

    above the how can they do that to me happened recently... you need to find a way around it or step back see a bigger picture... a feeling of something missing or you missed something

    there is a woman who is not being honest

    there is a complication...something is not fair

    you are worried about things stressing you...its ok to be will give you time to think...just don't feel down and let things pile up...use the time to figure things out and work things out

    there will be attention to family matters

    you will feel the need of approval of others

    things will work themselves will need work from you, but you will do what you need too and get things done

    Hope that helps,


  • Sounds like it is not over yet! Let's call it the after shock. advice well taken. Nothing to do but to live and be better and hopefully the negative experience and the consequences would lead to a better situation and a strengthening of my spirit. Ahh, the people.

    Your generosity of time and insight is just invaluable. Thank you Nick.

    I shared this last reading and my experience with a very close relative. She asked me if you agree and can to ask you for a reading for her. Her situation and inquiry is about a very valuable property she has for sale. She wants to know if it will be sold any time soon and under satisfactory conditions & price. Just an fyi, there has been many obstacles so far and such to get it this far. We thank you either way with or without reading!


  • All I need is a name...what ever she wants to call herself; and permission, usually I ask for the person to ask. I will only pick on her feelings like I do for you and the reading would be hers to determine, because each one is based off that persons feelings. Yes I pick up on future events at times, the way I look at that is it is a message that the reader needs to see, I'm just the tool that it chose to use.


  • She is often called Mrs N and she is the one who asked me to ask you and told me what to ask you so permission is there. Thank you. 🙂

    Nick, I am looking for work elsewhere so did you see anything regarding that in your readinfg for me?

  • Please relay this to Mrs. N,

    there is something that is causing indecision

    things will work out, give it a little time

    there is something she is either worried about maybe troubled is a better word...but it seems within a questioning?

    ok it seems there is conflicting emotions or ideas... the combinations feel like either side won't be happy

    be wise and think things through...there is something there causing i want to say a heaviness...just makes it harder to get things done easily

    enjoyment will return

    A reminder just don't do something to get something needs to be thought out, it can't be just going through the motions; you get out what you put in...

    Don't be worried, you will have enjoyment

    You need to plan though, and there might be someone else or other people tied into the decision, you all need to be on the same page and work together

    That is important, you must work together...find a way to plan and agree

    gather up your need to be a dog on a bone to work to get it done

    hope that helps,


  • look lines 3,6 and the last sentence.

    that was about hope and happiness... Just need to work through what felt like edginess;


  • I shared your reading w Mrs N. She feels it is completely to the point, accurate and makes sense to her especially the 3,6 and the last line. She also appreciates the advice given and agrees :). She appreciated so,much your time and your reading. Thank you. She felt that your reading was comforting for her.

  • Haha, lines 3,6, and the last line was for you... I was trying to answer your question sperately, but Iam glad I could help

  • Hahah ha- accidentally the same lInes made really nice highlight for her too, so it was meant to be.:)

    I need to read my reading again w these likes in mind. Later today. Thanks again and hope your day/wk is wonderful!

  • Hi Nick, thanks for pointing out the lines and so I am thinking that moving on and looking else where is ok. Well, of course not easy, lots of work and effort but that it will pay off.

    I am an introvert and live a lot in my head so being alone is not an issue really and I do go within when things are tough and I need to be quiet and regroup sort of. I hardly can relate to people surrounding me. Often feel like my issues, worries are not exactly like those of people in my environment. I wonder about the woman not being honest -- did you get the feeling if this was in a work situation or a family member? I can see it at both situations :(.

  • I am not sure, just keep an eye out. If you know something is coming you will be able to spot it easier.

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