Nick, could you please do a reading for me.

  • I would really appreciate a reading from you when your time allows it. Maybe with emphasis on work and love.

  • I'll pick up whatever you are feeling,

    I feel sadness, doubt or loss

    you will have a bit of luck or goodness

    and a big change that will allow something new to happen

    watch out for getting wrapped up into what you are doing or it being about you, you need balance

    the change has started

    what ever happened must have rocked you but it didn't change you, you know who you are...find that inner peace again, you can make it happen

    still be watchful...there is a delay but you need to still be aware

    it will be ok to clam up, it will help you regenerate yourself...take deep breaths you will be ok enjoy just being you

    also don't just go thru the motions... don't just do something to say you did it; you need to work it thru and think to make it happen

    there will be someone to watch out for you, like a shoulder to lean on type of feeling

    just keep plugging away, you need to work at it and everything will work itself out


  • Dear Nick,

    This reading make sense to me and I can relate. It is not so clear to me though bec I can relate several issues to one of the readings points. Need to read again and reflect. Thank you so much. You are a dear to reply so promptly and I see this as a pretty positive and good reading for me.

    Thank you.

  • It felt like you are going thru a lot, the feeling was you will have to work hard to work thru it and you will be fine. Your base is who you are inside; don't lose sight of that because you can get lost in the details of what is happening. If you follow the problems then you will just flow with the negative...positive is always better.


  • Your post above and advice given is much appreciated. I sure need to remember that.

  • Dear Nick, if you have time, could you please do another reading for me? Anything you can pick up is fine. Hope all is well with you and thanks in advance.

  • I'll try to get to it tonight,


  • your feeling good about yourself I can make it happen

    there is hope

    who’s the domineering woman...she is being mean...she just sucked the energy and soured it...

    somebody is not being true... you will find out soon

    I’m glad you’re happier because you just were down and gloomy

    seems there is going to be a bump in the road that is going to require courage

    watch money, that bump looks like a setback... does some damage to the cart and shifts everything around (my analogies are thinning, its late)

    it seems you have been worrying about some disruption...tears...crashing...

    there is a guy who wants a lot...but I am not sure if he knows how to get it...dreams nice dreams but that doesn't set you on the road to accomplishment...

    there is someone else too who wants to be nice, a bit of a dreamer too but is learning

    and what you are going thru you will make it out, but beat up...and it costs you

    So keep up the hope and work thru the rough parts, you will be ok…just hard work ahead…

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick, first thank you so much and I really appreciate your kindness.

    Well, the domineering woman is my lead at work and yes, she just sucked the energy out of me and frankly I did have some hope in this job but now I doubt it will be a long term situation and all bec of her. I don't even know why she does what she does. The guys too both maybe I can relate to two friends a long date and a short term. As for the bumps on the road there is so much going on that I can just go by your advice and hope that I can manage.

    Would it be all right to ask if you had or can tell me about my current job more than what I can relate to based on your reading above? Or can you tell me any thing regarding a man I love who is no longer part of my daily reality and life?

    Thanks again for your generosity and kindness, time.

  • You will manage, just know its going to take work. Don't lose the hope you have worked hard for.

    Now I am just going off my feelings, because when I do the readings its for you, and I try not to put my ideas in; I think work is the bump in the road and it will take a lot of energy to work through it.

    Who ever the second guy is I got a nicer feeling from;

    The other person you mention I don't think were in your feelings at the time of the reading... ask me again in about a month... you will have so things to handle until then

    Hope that helps


  • I have to pay closer attention to my surrounding and people and yes, I have worked hard and care about how I work so that does make me a target at times. Thanks so much for the advice and cautionary words. Thank s Nick.

  • Hi Nick, you were right in that I did hit a bump (unexpectedly) and it did cost me and it's not over and I have not yet managed how to settle it yet. Huge disappointment and concern. That's that

    May I have a reading please and so what is in the cards? Thank you and when you have time.

  • hi znl,

    Here you are,

    you did something without thinking...didn't think it thru

    even though you are working hard, things will start to turn, it feels like it wasn't easy...

    you are looking for social approval or you need someone to agree

    don't move so quick, it's like you want something and may end up making a rash decision to get it...need to slow down and think...

    it seems you dealt with a family matter recently

    someone was trying to help you and you didn't want to hear what was said or listen...slow things down and think it through

    fighting with a close friend

    you have been worrying about someone who was untrue. Lying...not trusting

    but you have another friend who is trusting around you...I got a smile...

    your carrying a burden or troubles around with you, it is going to try your through it , try and make the best decisions... not just what you think you want...not surface thoughts...but what is really what you need and want...think about that...

    some money will pop up from working hard.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick, thank you. Simply said I can really relate to all the content in this reading. Some is (from what I can think it means) is in the recent past and then as a result the rest I am in the middle of it now. Of course, then the future warnings as it has been a part of each one of your readings for me. The reading seems to me is all related to finances . It probably is because of what I am concerned with at the moment so it pops up in the reading.

  • znl,

    yes, it's a pick up of your feelings. If that is what is bothering you the most, I use it as a help to say ok these are the choices I have made, this is what is troubling can I go about to help set the feelings in a positive motion. There are two friends you have one I don't like from the feelings I pick up and one I do...I think both were around in the last reading too, but the other situation has stronger feelings so it stands out more... you will get through it...just keep plugging away, work hard and think it through before you act.



  • Thanks again Nick. Actually, I am struggling w a decision. First, I made a move (not a bad one or a risky but one that needed to be done and one with some consequences. My grudge is that I should have been told about the options and the results) so do I stay and work from this situation or take myself and my business into a similar but different place? Do you pick up on this? Lets call them A and B. I have a guy friend who maybe help me to keep option A going if I decide on that and then only rely on the system w option B. If any of this makes sense then let me know if any of this was implied in your reading. So, what to do.

    Oh I don't know about the two guy situations. I have to think and see what I can relate it to but yes it did come up in the previous reading too. A little panicked in the circumstances and that is not helpful. That I know.

  • I don't get the little details to say you should do this or that....I wouldn't tell you that anyway because everyone has different thinking and what I would do is not what others would do.

    Look at the first couple of cards that were pulled though, the first four cards are hinting that you got into something without knowing are working hard and it seems like it is going to start to change... but it may not be quick enough or that you want it to happen now...that you are thinking about jumping or changing...

    any way you go, look at everything...what will happen if you your hard work paying off and its not moving quick enough?...if you change do you have to start over again and build up the hard work again? will it make it a better situation?

    who is giving you good information that you don[t want to that for this situation?

    who is the lying guy?

    These are questions you need to figure out before you make a decision one way or the other...if you don't have all the info its hard to make a good decision because some of the factors may have changed your outcome.

    So take all the good and the bad put it into the decision process, take out emotions from the equation and see what you think is the best road for you


  • Like you, I don't see the role of a reader as telling people what to do. They have their own life to work on. I would think maybe tarot/reading is a tool perhaps for getting some insight. At best, we only try to relate he reading into an actual situation. In this case, there is two paths and choices there should not be any small details but perhaps clarity of the choice between the two paths and or some insight into the end results. This all based on the cards that came up. Maybe there is not as much the guys as is the place a and place b. And, you are right I don't have all the info so it's hard to decide between the two. In any event, I have to act and I hope I can do that w clear faith in one vs the other. The outcome is long term so hard to gaige that now. Have a great day Tarot nick. Best to you.

  • Hi Nick,

    May I have a reading especially about work and anything else you can pick up on. When you have time. Thanks.

  • Hi Nick,

    May I have a reading especially about work and anything else you can pick up on. When you have time. Thanks.

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