Past lives - What's your experience?

  • I'm really curious if anyone has done a past life regression, or anything of the like to learn about past lives? I would love to do one, but I would especially love to hear any cool stories 😃

    With love ❤

  • Yes I did a past life regression when I was living in England and one back home in Australia. I had a short life in the deep south of America. I remember dying - killed by my father in that life (the same father in this life). The regressor said it was unusual to remember the death but it was no biggie. One minute I was drowning then the next I was in a beautiful cornfield with blue skies above. I did not regret being elsewhere. I have also had psychics tell me about other past lives. While they are interesting, I don't feel they were really necessary to my life now.

  • I had a past life reading done on me and many of descriptions of me and where they might have stemmed from were said in the reading. Among the things mentioned that I didn't expect but recognize action/behavior/tendency was that I was once a male pastor fighting for human rights. I am a female in this life, not a pastor but an activist for human rights. It also said that I was creative with strong artistic bent, and I am an artist, writer, art critic, curator now. It also said that I was born a leader. I guess I am a leader now in my field of concentration. It also said that I am intelligent but not so lucky about love relationships. I guess that is true, too. I know what I want and many propositions were presented to me but nothing seems to work. The reading put me in different places: US abolitionist, EUR teacher, ASIA leader, I don't remember those others. I did have successful marriage as a woman and mother. I real life I am single and no child.

    Very interesting reading. It is good to compare past with present.

    I hope this helps.

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