Are we good together?

  • Hi,

    will it be a good fit to me?

    ME September 12 1985

    Him August 16 1975.

    especially in a long D relationship situation.


  • No, this is not a good match for love or even friendship. Both of you will be extremely guarded emotionally. Sexual relations can be quite thrilling but it is unlikely that you would reach any real depth of feeling. You Cellisi like being popular but you get easily bored if your partner is not mentally stimulating enough for you. You are a thinker and this man's showy manner may eventually wear thin for you. You can both be quite selfish about getting what you want out of a relationship too. Compatible physically you are, yes - but not emotionally or mentally. So a long distance realtionship would really have nothing going for it. Your friend is seductive and magnetic and loves lots of attention, which he will never be without wherever he is. Quantity rather than quality of relationships is what he is seeking.

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