Until The Day I Die

  • Since I cant tell you these words I will put them on here and hope they reach your heart.

    Until the day I die my heart will find you. You were always my most special one. The time in between doesnt seperate us in spirit. Silence doesnt mean goodbye. It means another chance to grow. We both know there is more to us than what meets the eye. Never had a reason to prove what we have. When you dream you will find I never left your side.

  • I hope whoever you intended to read that does. They must be pretty special.

  • Thats nice thank you he is special to me. Dont think he will read this though. I just needed to express myself.

  • Hope he replied. Do ustill feel the same way?

  • it is very beautiful feelings of love, I think u should dedicate, if it is meant to be the laws of the unverse will see to it , it is read, deep very deep!

  • He doesnt know I wrote this. Guess what he doesnt go on here. I have a million more things like this written for him. He doesnt know. If he saw this he would think I am psycho. Its okay its better to have loved and lost. I am forever in love with him. have been since we met 17 yrs ago. I am dating someone else now because he is no longer with me. But I will never feel that kind of love for anyone else. Again its just a form of expression. I have a whole trunk full of sappy love poems about him and I that I will probably use as firewood someday.

  • I have a friend who I met when I was 12 years old. He is and always be very special to me. Sometimes in our life we have a journey to complete , we meet and may again or go on to someone else that is suppose to/ I kind of lost touch with him because of some thing s that were going on in our lives, then one day I met his sister and all she said to me "He needs to talk to you; we are so close I would see things and cry or be happy depending on what was going on. Since we found eaach other againn we are inseperatable in spirit ; but still have very personal lives and are leading them. We just have to believe that the univesre knows what it is doing. (judi)

  • Just when I thought all hope was lost, when all compassion and forgiveness had evaporated into the smog of confusion, conflict and chaos...I ran across you posting. It is, by far, the most beautiful script I have read in a very, very long time. So sweet. I can tell it was written from your heart to his... The WORLD should show such forgiveness. Love should never be used as fuel for a fire. Love is the light that illuminates the way to your hearts desire. I, too, am forever in love with my first love. NO ONE will ever take her place. Love is everlasting, evergreen.

  • First loves are funny like that. Yes I agree we all need to be forgiving and more loving towards one another. I have been through serious pain over him but let me tell you I would do it again in a heartbeat cuz baby it was worth every minute of having him in my life. Wouldnt change that for the world. When we allow deep true love into our lives it can bring suffering like you cant even imagine but at the end of a long hard day I can remember my favorite times with my favorite guy. I feel that if your heart is full of love theres always room to love others too. God Bless you all.

  • Hello lovinmylife, Beautifully expressed and I get it I also have written about a loved one. here goes ,,,,,, FROM MY SCRAMBLED BRAIN.. I LOVE YOU .. FROM MY STRANGE SHAPED HEART ..I LOVE YOU.. FROM MY OVAL SHAPED LIFE ..I LOVE YOU...FROM THE KINDNESS OF MY SOUL&SPIRIT...I LOVE YOU. I thought it would be forever.

  • Thats cool Leonida I like that. Very sweet indeed!

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