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  • Hi Tarot Nick ~ I enjoy reading the style of insights you give. There are some things in my life that don't have clear answers. Doing the right thing for one person could be doing the wrong thing for fifty. At this point I need to talk to someone to help me sort this out. I would love to have some insight from you as I think it could put some things in perspective. Thank You for your time. Love & Blessings ~D

  • dmick59

    here’s what I picked up,

    it’s something with the family that you need attention to, but it seems to come back to you

    the peace you have is a good feeling

    its ok to be tough as long as your heart is in the right place...do things for the right reasons

    trust yourself...you know what’s right

    think things thru but be open to something you don’t normally do or would have thought of...seems something like that was brought before you

    it will work itself out

    also though there is disappointment or regret

    you have been worrying about things not moving...or you can't get out of your own way type of thing

    There is a family or friend who distrustful and can be a real pain... be on watch for him

    things get better, it takes time...work thru with what you have

    and remember don't lose yourself...trust who you are, trust your feelings, if you do the right thing for the right reason you will be able to be at peace...


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  • Unfortunately I only pick up on feelings or sensations, I don't get names. It would be an older gentleman who would have a little power in the family or a strong personality. My guess from the reading is that you have a family matter to direct. You are not going to make everyone happy but I can tell you will do the right thing. The strongest feeling and the biggest message from the reading was to trust yourself and do what is right. If I am correct in that assumption (which is why I try not to interject and just give you the message from the reading as it is) then you are not going to make everyone happy. Sometimes doing the right thing is harder and more pain, but it is also more satisfying because you will be able to put your head on the pillow and sleep…knowing you did your best. From personal experience I have peace for doing it right. I end up getting it from others because they are only looking out for themselves. The sad thing is they don’t see right and wrong, but what is in it for me. When confronted they put a spin on it and people end up believing them. hahaha ok couch session over…hahahah so I explain to others and they hear me and know I have done the right thing, but they don’t want to hear it; whither or not they can understand, having that peace with yourself they can’t take that away from you.

    If I assumed wrong sorry for ranting….


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