Dream Interpretation: Violent Birds??

  • I dreamed I was in a forest, full of loving, sweet, happy birds, all a family, all welcoming. Everything was green and beautiful. Suddenly, there was a baby bird, very large, darker gray and brown colors, just born and wet. I thought, my, it's so large, and where did it come from? And I reached to welcome it, love it, see if it was injured from any fall. It flew away! I was surprised it could fly at such an early age. I chased it down to try to hold it, make a connection with it, it allowed me to, twice. But then flew away out of my hands. Suddenly, the bird started attacking the other birds! It had a large beak, and was spearing the other birds through their hearts, multiple times. Before I could blink, all the birds were dead, their white feathers tainted with the blood from multiple wounds. Many bodies had been attempted to be hidden, buried beneath foliage and branches. I was devastated and sad, also confused.

    I don't dream of birds often, but when I do, they are very specific, bothersome and violent. What could this dream mean?

    ❤ Love and Light!

  • There is someone (or some situation) new who has recently entered your environment whom you distrust despite their seemingly innocuous outer face. Trust your instincts and remain wary of this person/situation.

  • I think you see yourself as those birds.

  • I also feel that birds might represent your desire to escape, to fly away, be free of from some situation or person. To see birds in your dream can symbolize your goals, aspirations and hopes too. Is someoneor something destroying or blocking your hopes and goals? The baby bird (a new idea or project?) turns into a monster. Fear of failure or even fear of success corrupting you? To dream of birds on the attack may mean that you are being pulled in too many directions. Are you experiencing conflict with your spirituality vs material life?

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