Reading about my stray cat situation with neighbor please?

  • I feed the outside cats. If I could catch them and bring them in I would. (Which I am still in the process of achieving) This psycho neighbor snuck onto my porch and removed the cat food another neighbor leaves for them also during the day. This neighbor is evil and young and is picking on my other neighbor because she is older and more vulnerable. I love these cats so much I would literally fight for them. I feel like my privacy has been invaded and this is my mothers apartment actually and she has a right to her privacy and safety and her own personal property. We rent in a complex. but our porch is our porch which is why there is a guarder railing there so not just anyone can walk onto the porch. This neighbor has her own area. She seems to not realize taking something off of someones property is illegal and considered stealing. I fear overreacting and fuming through the roof as not to be kicked out or evicted and this is my hometown if I'm evicted out of here at least right now since I don't have the financial means the only other options are ghetto communities which mean wed have to move out of town.

    I am also a reader myself and have had an account with this site for years just couldn't get into the old one so I made a new one! My readings don't help for myself because this situation is just too sensitive and I need to vent.

    I'm thinking I should not even react since I don't want to hurt my chances with these outside cats. They dont deserve it and didn't ask for it. Also these outside cats are all fix and have their shots and ears clipped since the complex originally had a colony where they fed them but since abandoned that. Which I do NOT mind at all these cats coming to my porch and eating and they are in no way an issue to anybody else because they come late at night. If I have to I will move the who thing somewhere else and walk to it everyday.

    Stupid me said something about it and ever since this dumb girl has something to say about it. She knocks on my door to give me advice I already know about. Sometimes in life the rules have to be broken. But clearly she doesn't have much life experience to know that since she throws rules around like by the book and I for one have never been a person to restrain. I woke up this morning to find the cat plate my other neighbor left on my porch to be missing. Thinking she didn't show up the past two days I was worried and called her. She said she left them. So that means someone is taking them. Which means its my other neighbor. Maintenance would not have taken them because my other two bowl were outside.

    I keep the area clean and I respect my other neighbors. I have helped this girl numerous times in shoveling her car out during the snow since she is physical disabilities that limit the work she can do like that. But I cannot handle abandoning a cat.

  • Can you buy one of those cheap fake security cameras that look so real? I found one for our house, that looks so real and it even has a red blinking light to make it look authentic and a sign that warns people the area is being watched. This has helped keep away the thieves who kept stealing from my veg garden. Maybe it would work for you? I got the camera at my local Woolworths supermarket for seven dollars.

  • Maybe you can write a big note like "please do not do this as these cats have no other comfort other than this" and leave it where it can be seen on the porch.

  • Thanks to both of you! I wanted to put a note outside but my mother and neighbor are telling no I shouldn't and that I will eventually catch her if it keeps happening. She has no right to be touching anything on my porch or telling me what to do. Cats owned this complex people all over feed them and we were never allowed to have dogs her until a couple months ago when everyone voted. Which my sister voted for since shes been living in this complex for 10 years. My mother and I just moved in in january and these rude people moved in after us. So this girl seems to think her dog who has a nice comfortable home to go to and food in the house and only comes out to poop should be the reason I stop feeding these cats?!? I do not think so. The town judge would definitely side with me as I grew up here and know he is very strict on animal neglect and abuse.

    A couple years ago I had left my 12 year old dog sitting the car while I went into my grandmothers with the heat on. I guess I took too long and she couldn't be more then 2 minutes without me and someone called the police. I told the judge I am sorry and should have known better but I was in a bad situation with family that my dog could only be with me. He still fined me and said He cracks down very hard on animal neglect and abuse even though I had best interests with my dog he still fined me. So I'd like them to try and pull the leave the cats to starve bit in this town.

    Im glad you guys are on my side and supportive. I will consider the fake camera but now you have me thing maybe even a real camera. The food hasn't been missing but I wont shut my mouth if it happens again and I catch her.

    Last night I found one or two of the strays in one of the houses I made for them on my porch. I am so glad they are staying in them because they are then welcome to stay and even come in if they wanted. If for some reason I had to move I wouldnt move without catching them and taking them with me.

    I really makes me mad I let myself slip with this girl. My sister even said the votes that were put in to allow dogs were not to be made to act as if the dogs were superior to the cats. In actuality these cats are frightened and hungry. Only an evil miserable person would try to deny them food and comfort. Welp its my porch .. so I can put whatever I want on it. 🙂

  • Yes if you can afford it, a real camera would get you the proof you needed.

  • Here is a link to some affordable security cameras or at least some ideas.

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