Hoping Someone Could Do a Reading...

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to put a difficult situation behind me. While at school, I had a professor that I believed was regularly putting me down. Some people have called into question whether that really happened or not. Could anyone do a reading on what actually happened? If my perception is accurate, what was it about me that made me the target? Why did this professor feel the need to do this to me? Why are some so quick to question that it really happened? I'm hoping for some closure on this situation. Thanks!

  • Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum! My phone has been having some issues lately. I click on one link and end up somewhere else!

  • After meditating on this situation, I got my answer. The issue is that there are people who just don't want to believe what really happened.I was just having a moment of doubt when I posted. It's still funny that it ended up in Love& Relationships... Have to wonder about that one!

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