Seeking a reading xo

  • Hi there,

    Would love a reading from anyone who has time. I am going through a very testing time currently.. Any help or insight would be dearly appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance,

    Natalie (23/09/89)

  • Natalie, I feel like you are fighting the necessary changes that are coming to you at the moment. Though hard, these changes will help you grow and make you stronger and wiser. So rather than try to resist or fear them, try to open up and flow with them if you can. There should be many new people around you this year who will be drawn to help you.

  • Your right. I often find myself overwhelmed with emotion and I don't know how to deal with it or where it's coming from. I was diagnosed wifh depression not too long ago and dont feel ive been told or know how to manage it at all by the specialists who diagnosed me. I' m currently seeing Nathan (21/10/89) who I feel I get very upset over, often. Are we a bad match?

    Thankyou for your reply Captain

  • Natalie, you may appear gentle and unassuming on the outside but behind this is a character of steely determination. From early in life, you have faced a series of challenges, setbacks and conflicts, most of which you have overcome and gained spiritual strength from. You may be unaware of just how evolved, inspirational and creative you really are, and as a result, you may underplay your talents, reliability, and integrity. For example, because you can often be someone of few words, others may step in to speak your part and take the credit; because you treat everyone with generosity and loyalty, you can become a target for those who are manipulative or simply lazy. You must ensure you communicate the strength of your convictions and understand that abandoning your personal beliefs if they might create conflict is counterproductive because it causes conflict within you.

    Most of the time, you approach daily life with pure, almost childlike pleasure, and if something or someone captivates your attention, your enthusiasm and zeal can become infectious. However, there will also be times when you don’t feel that enthusiasm and can run the risk of slipping into despondency or, in extreme cases, depression. This is because you are such an honest person that you find it hard to pretend an interest. The key to your happiness, therefore, is to find a vocation, lifestyle or relationship that inspires and fulfills you.

    In general, you tend to be a relaxed person who is extremely loyal in a relationship, because the ideal of the perfect relationship appeals to you and you will work hard to resolve conflicts. Although you can be incredibly charming, it is not always easy to get close to you; many potential suitors will therefore have to settle with admiring you from a distance. Career-wise, you may be drawn to the arts and may share your talent with the world as an artist, musician, writer, or filmmaker. Other career choices that might appeal include promotion, public relations, education, journalism, law, law enforcement, medicine, the healing professions, and charity work.

    As far as diet and lifestyle are concerned, you need to steer clear of excessive alcohol consumption, especially during times of low energy when you feel you need a boost. Other addictive substances such as nicotine, caffeine and—in particular—recreational drugs should also be limited or cut out altogether. You may have a sweet tooth and should steer clear of sugary foods low in nutrients and rich in additives and calories. You would benefit greatly from mind-body therapies such as meditation and yoga, and mind-control programs such as cognitive therapy or hypnotherapy which can help you reframe your perceptions about yourself in a more positive light. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding yourself with the colour yellow will encourage you to be more expressive and assertive.

    Before the age of thirty, you are likely to be concerned with relationship issues, but after the age of thirty, there will be a turning point that highlights a growing emphasis on deep emotional change. You may also be involved in joint finances or dealing with other people’s money. After the age of sixty, you will become more freedom loving and adventurous. Whatever age you are, however, once you figure out what works for you and what stops you moving forward, you have the inquisitive mind, the creativity and, above all, the fighting spirit to realize your cherished dreams and command not just the attention but the respect of all those with whom you come into contact. Once you stop underplaying your talents and stand up for what you believe in - when you are able to find your voice - your destiny is to share with others your inspirational creative talent and empathy. You need and want to be loved and to be in love with someone who returns your passion, but you aren't always sure whether you want to be loved by all humanity or just one adoring partner. You swing back and forth from intimacy to social involvement, hoping to be caught by a commitment that really grabs you, but you always seem to evade capture at the last minute. You CAN find a way to make a contribution to the whole and still learn to appreciate the one. Delve into your issues about love and friendship and try to lose your fear of being the fifth wheel or left out.

    Your relationship with Nathan is not very compatible for love. Erotic rather than affectionate impulses will predominate here and you may be tightly bound to each other not only by passion but by desperation and fear. All of this may go on behind a brilliant social facade. It is unlikely this relaitonship will be a happy one or furnish an environment where self-understanding can flourish.

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