Birthday Reading 4 ChaRmeD!

  • Hiya all

    I would love a birthday reading covering all bases especially what i at this time should must know.

    Thank you


  • BUMP!

  • This post is deleted!


    May you be as blessed as you have blessed me and others ❤

    May your heart be full of happiness and fulfillment ❤

    May you see yourself as beautiful as you truly are and live as a free spirit ❤

    May you find beautiful little surprises in unexpected places and may they fill you with joy ❤

    (! ) ( ! ) ( !) ( ! ) (! ) ( ! ) ( !) ( ! ) (! ) ( ! ) ( !) ( ! ) (! ) ( ! ) ( !) ( ! ) (! ) ( ! ) ( !) ( ! ) (! ) ( ! ) ( !)
    ^^^ and don't forget to dance your ass off ^^^
    :D heeheheeeeeebut wear clothes. Unless you are alone. Or with your lover. Then don't.

  • Hi Charmed,

    Here you go,

    I see you’re feeling good about yourself, you know you can do whatever you want when you put your mind to it

    seems like there is some movement with a friend, keep your eyes open though...move slow

    again i feel success, like you completed something or your happy

    your happy but make sure you stay focused, don’t be distracted by many things at once

    there was something you didn’t trust or suspicious about recently

    that i think should make you pause and think... you need to calm don’t let anxiety get to you

    i think if you do that there will be peace... not the full lay back like ahhhh peace but you will be able to relax

    is there something you were going to start a new project or opportunity... it something your worrying about or you don’t feel like it’s all that feeling look into it...

    seems like you have some stuff coming with a get thru it...but put the seatbelt gets bumpy

    after the bumpy ride things smooth out and new opportunities open up

    last card by itself...just to keep in back of your mind... a warning of someone not being someone wants to help you but it’s for them and not you


  • THank you Dmick and LeoLight!

    Nick to the rescue! One can always count on you going that extra mile. Like myself is this a grand gift. Thank you so much.

    Ye i started a new job in an old bizz and I aint all sure its the right way, but time will show.

    I will definitely re read this many a time to come, as to keep tabs on what i need to focus n be aware on.

    Thank you again Nick.


  • Great for the new job, Charmed 🙂 When did you start?

  • march 3rd cassier at a store called fakta discount market

  • not job as job but an aprenticeship

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