My Daughter's future

  • I have moved 1000 miles away from my daughter, does anyone see her coming to live by/with me. She has a boyfriend there, and I don't know if they have a future together, Not sure if she does or not. So does anyone see her moving closer to me. Thank you

  • I don't see this relationship being long term for her, but I also don't see her moving. Get busy building a new life for yourself in your new home! Don't place the burden of your being happy on your daughter...that will only serve to push her away. Focus on why you moved there - a new job? Immerse yourself in this new position and doing well. Make an effort to socialize with the people at work so you can make new friends and have people to do things with outside of work. Let go of the fear and embrace this new change in your life.

  • I just want her to be happy, whether it's here or up north. Yes I do have a new job, I start this week. I just want my kids to be settled and happy. I don't mention moving here, because that upsets her. That's a decision she has to make on her own. I just want her to meet a guy that that is good to her and my granddaughter. Thank you

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