Blmoon/TheCaptain/Shuuaby/Watergirl..need your guidance!

  • can your guys please give me a clue how to find this woman who will lead me to a job? can someone please guide me? i am going to this health center to volunteer and was wondering if i will end up meeting this helpful woman there? any clue about how to get in touch with her?

    your help will be greatly appreciated!

  • Aceofcups, if you want to receive, you have to start giving. Ask yourself how much you do for other people - not family or friends, but strangers and those in need. The Laws of Karma and Attraction will bring you back whatever you give out. So if you want help from people who are not family or close friends, you will first have to make the effort to help strangers. For example, volunteering to help out at a health centre in order to meet someone who might help you get you a job is rather self-serving and is not going to win you any points from the universe for caring about others. When you step outside your own interests, you will step out of depression and anxiety and feel better about yourself, because then you will see that so many other people are worse off than you are. By being compassionate and positive and hopeful and serving others, you will become 'unstuck' and able to move on to greater opportunities.

  • sometimes one needs a hard push to move forward and you did it for me! i love you for doing this! i am going there tomorrow!

    thank you sooo much for being kind and helpful. i'll always remember it.

    love this community and everyone around.

    light and blessings to all!

  • I can sense you have a really good heart but it's easy to forget about the rest of the world when you are worried about your future and stressed to the max. It's good to get out and mix with other people to regain some perspective and to even find solutions that you may not have thought of. When you willingly work to help others and project a positive attitude, people notice and are impressed.

  • hi captain!

    i went there today and had a pretty good time with kind people who were more than happy to show me around and help out with all the details of the job. i had a great time learning and chatting with people. honestly again, thank you for the push! i needed it as i mentioned before.

    many blessings and light to you my dear!

  • Good luck to you!

  • Thank you so much captain!!!!!

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