Can i please have a work reading

  • Really negative co worker causing a lot of trouble. please help

  • I mean reading abiut my work situation.

  • laleona,

    Here is a reading for you, I'll pick up on what you are feeling so you can see from a different perspective.

    good thing is you know you have someone against you, be aware and keep watching

    you are aware and you watch well and are quick witted so you can see it coming

    don’t let it eat you up though, because then it will turn negative for you

    if this person is always ready for a fight others will see it and he will bring himself down

    you have been doubting yourself, trust in yourself

    not sure if this is the same guy but there is someone cruel and not nice that you have been thinking about or is around you

    a different guy pops up, he is a bit of a dreamer and has some choices to make

    don’t let the doubt or the things around you put into question who you are... you know you are a good person and kind...use that to stay positive.

    its ok to move and grow, don't cling to old ideas or old friends just because that is what you have always done... there is something that you won’t let go of even though I think you have moved on

    I think that is geared toward someone you are not sure where the future is and or it’s not what it was and you are staying just because it’s there... just think about it...look at your feelings

    there is a dominating woman who will be tough to deal with, keep an eye open, this card is by itself and she hasn’t arrived yet... just keep observing like you do, you will see it coming.

    Hope this helps,


  • Tarot-Nick

    Thank you... I see what you are saying and its really a reading for everything that is going on in my life. You are correct, I have been doubting myself feeling down about how I am letting my emotions get to me. Work has been so stressful in the most part due to that one co worker bringing everyone down with their actions. the negativity and doubt have crept into my personal life. Its affecting everything I do. U are correct.. I see it but feel helpless to do anything about it to change it. I feel that the last part of the reading is scaring me, I am not sure if I can mentally have another person to deal with if I am up for the challenge? Thank you I feel like you feel what I am going through..... are you saying to let go of the old and in with the new - does that include work?

  • The feeling I had was learn from the old, we have to let go of the Woobie (ok dated myself old movie Mr. Mom) it popped in my head...go with it... there is something that feels comfortable but it seems you have out grown it. It doesn't mean put comfortable things away but you can put it down and grow into new situations. Change sometimes is not comfortable but you can make it new and exciting.

    Being aware of your surroundings is good, that means you can make good decisions from the information you receive. There are always going to be people who are strong and try and press themselves on others. Trick is to arm yourself with skills on how to handle it.

    After I did this reading I found your other thread and the advice you are receiving is good. The yoga and meditation will help you relax and redirect the negative to positive; don’t let it eat at you. It goes back to trusting yourself and letting your good out. Walking away, taking a breath...hitting an object behind closed doors... just don’t hurt your hand or foot...hahaha and smile. Find something that releases the emotion until you can control it. Understand what triggers it and learn how to cope with it. Then even dominating people won’t seem scary, because you already see it confront it in a positive manor. It doesn't stop it from happening, but it slows things down so you can handle it better.

    ok of the messages was just to reflect on your feelings, you will know or make the right choice; I don't like making assumptions but it was important for you to help yourself.


  • Thank you Nick

    I have made a decision to accept what happens with that co worker if she doesn't change (which she wont) She is bitter and negative. But on the aggressive person who threatened me, I am going to ask that the report not be made and nothing come of it. I pressed charges and I think that the report is not complete. I can ask for them not to submit further. I am going to do yoga again tonight and learn to meditate. I will have to learn to do some self talk because it wont be the first or the last time I deal with people like that . Nick I thank you for the time you are taking with me. I have made a decision to try and avoid those feelings all together.

  • Ah anytime, hope we helped


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