3 swords 9 cups 2 cups

  • I did a reading and asked for guidance in relationship to what I can do in order to move along my career closer towards a career that aligns with my skills and abilities. I am getting closer but not quite there yet..

    I may not be able to be objective in this one as I have been seeing someone and became more serious after 3.5 years.

    The cards I drew for my question were:

    3 of swords 9 of cups 2 of cups

    See; I am seeing a separation from a relationship..

    This could also be feel and rid more grief and resonate more positive vibrations to better enhance aligning to a career with more meaning.

    Thank you for your time.

  • This is about a separation in the relationship with yourself. Your approach to your dissatisfaction is putting you into a reaching out mind set...grasping. When really by being your true self and doing what you love shows the world what you have to offer and someone does notice. What is your bliss? do more of it money or no money, someone will notice. BLESSINGS! PS..sometimes a job is just a paycheck to support your bliss. Don't wait for bliss to find you. Live it and the job offer comes to you.

  • Thank you. Much appreciated.

  • I like investigating, questioning, crime detecting....that could get me in trouble though lol...

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