Is there a point?

  • As far as engaging in conversations or arguments with my dear soon to be gone husband, it seems that we can even discuss the simplest of things without him getting bent. Asked home about his expense reimbursements and he was 80 bucks off and he got very pissy and I never got the answer if needed.

    So, is their any point to TRY to talk anything any more? Do I just bite my lip and bid my time till the day when he's no longer needed or necessary to talk to?

    Sometimes I do just want to start yelling at him but if course., as it always was, I am never allowed to get angry, he just always turns it around on me....

  • If you don't pull him up when he has made a mistake, he will just think he can get away with more and more. You have to show him you won't be bullied or harassed into silence. You don't need to yell at him, just be firm and calm and persist until you get answers. If his behaviour is childish, you need to be the take-charge adult.

  • Thank you for that. It's sometimes hard to see the sense when in the thick of the muck

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