Leo needs help with Taurus..Do we match?

  • I met this Taurus about 31/2 yrs ago. We have had numerous conversations and they all end the same. The Taurus who has a Pisces rising and a moon in Aquarius, will call me and ask to get together and is very direct as to what they want when we get together. When that date/time comes, no phone call, text or anything to reference the plans made. This has happened on numerous occasions and I finally went off and basically told them to grow up and stop playing games. Months later, they called and apologized and stated they were "going through" and felt like they just needed to be alone...I believed and accepted the apology due to it sounding so sincere....okay you guessed it...NO SHOW on plans to get together....Please help me to understand this behavior...

  • helloooo...any insight?

  • Why do you want to understand this behaviour? I think he is being inconsiderate and is totally unreliable. I would personally stick to your guns and get on with your life and plans...you forgave them and they have let you down again. You're showing a lot more patience and understanding than I would have done! I can get, just about, the reason for non show ie that they needed time alone....although I think its funny making arrangements if they felt like this....but they still should have called or text you as soon as they knew they wouldn't go.

    I wouldn't waste my time worrying about why they are behaving like that ....they are obviously not worried about your feelings. If they are depressed or ill and therefore not realising they are being inconsiderate then they probably need professional help. You can probably suggest it to them. In the meantime, stop thinking about it, and get on with your own life and if they do contact and make arrangements, arrange them to benefit you...don't make yourself too available.

  • Thnx for your response rnrchick...I do appreciate any and all feedback rcvd. To answ your question I want to understand the behavior bec I am really interested in this person and I am open to the challenge of working through ehat maybe keeping them abay. I am still living my life and have no intentions of ending or even slowing them. I love life and know that I am blessed to still be here to enjoy it! I appreciate your response and respect your decions and what you would do BUT AGAIN I asked for replies that would help me to understand maybe from other Taurus women, by the way her bday is 4/21/76, or someone who is a little more sensitive to what I would like in a relationship instead of 'of why would you want to understand this behavior;. STILL wanting POSITIVE feedback !!!!!!!!!Thnx

  • I am on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini (21/5/) !

    Sorry if I came across as insensitive.....but I know Taurean and Leo lasses very well, my sister is a Leo. I can understand, strangely enough, what you would like and are looking for in a relationship ...and this Taurean obviously has got you intrigued and I can understand why you want to pursue and understand her behaviour....but I am still amazed that although you have given her a chance to explain and explore a potential relationship and still she has let you down. I am disappointed for you that you have been let down again. I hate to see people being let down.

    All relationships need to be a two way street to work successfully....not just romantic ones. If you're really serious about pursuing this Taurean then ask her outright why she behaves like she does and tell her how you feel. Maybe she is unsure of the potential relationship;maybe she lacks self confidence or maybe ....well, to get to the bottom of her behaviour she needs to be truthful and tell you. Once you know then you can proceed confidently in the future...see I can be positive. I must congratulate you on your patience and persistence ...what great traits...I hope yr Taurean realises that. Good luck.

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