Close friend, sudden death, can anyone help?

  • My oldest childhood best friend passed away very suddenly last week.

    Here is the most recent photo I have available of us. Two years ago. She is on the right.

    I am so confused with her death, all the questions we have.

    If anyone can help, connect with her or the situation, or anything, to help give some clarity on the situation, her perception of reality, (or to validate/correct my gut instincts) some help would be greatly appreciated.

    Most selfishly I hope she didn't pass truly believing I'd abandoned her.

    Thank you all for any guidance you can provide. Or even just words of comfort. This is very difficult.

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  • I get the name Bethany or close to that sound as important. Rosealee? And I hear high heels clicking. This person moved fast...a bit of a fidjeter. High energy. Always ready for flight......put things in order. Had a busy mind. A "lets go" person. Liked to tidy up. Friends wondered...does she sleep? Enjoyed a good drink. Made people laugh even though she wasn't trying. She was funny. Could be childlike when it came to fun and games. Yet she was very driven, no accomplishment was enough. She was not good at resting. I get that she had a crisis with aging. Hormones, fear of aging. Anxiety. EXTREME. That's the main energy I get for her last year. Extreme thinking. Self medicating. Mixing meds with alcohol. She drank alone. I keep hearing "I wasn't myself" . Was there a joke about that? She referred to herself as being the "other" me? whenever she misbehaved? She ignored physical pain. She could have a boot on a sprained ankle and still vaccuum the rug at top speed.. Since there are two people in the pic I may get bits of both but I think I'm mostly picking up your friend. She says things like a sassy way. She's proud....will NOT be a burden. Now the personalty shifts.....something changed.....she goes from sharp to foggy. Drained...wiped out...depleted mind body spirit. tired tired tired. Adrenal exhaustion. Sick of doctors. She did not get good care. Something reckless happened .....a doctor was careless but the reality, her death was her time. It surprised her....just happened is her words. Sh it happens! Her words. Remember the best of her she says. There was nothing to be done and she passed very peacefully. Fell asleep and crossed over into bliss. No PMS here she says and three hunks for every girl. Go live your life she says. blessings!

  • Thank you very much blmoon. This has helped so much. She was a very private person and it was hard to get her around us often enough to even get her to open up. You validated many things, especially parts of her personality and words. Thank you again.


    I almost didn't respond as it's such a delicate issue and God forgive I get it wrong! But I decided to be brave. BLESSINGS!

  • I understand the caution with this kind of reading. There were so many things that you hit right on the head of. Her last couple of years were very tough and it was so hard to get through to her. We have all come together with our own pieces of the puzzle but of course she's the only one with the real answers for our questions. We have a long ways to go but this helps ease the sting a little, at least in the long run. Be brave more often! 🙂 I've always been wowed by the feedback you offer here.

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