Tarot Nick

  • Can you pick a card for me please?

  • Hi fallenangel61

    here you go, i pick up on your feelings to help you see from a different perspective

    don't forget who you are...you are honest, people like you, and you have passion

    because I get the feeling you are not being yourself...almost the opposite of that right now... you need to slow down and think things thru

    you should ask yourself if it's worth it to get something by that means...feeling something about manipulation

    watch your money, be frugal

    this must have happen recently, because you were yourself not too long ago...don't let that feeling go

    you will be content...keep praying

    you will realize there is hope and that will make you stronger... just don't fall into the traps of the bitterness or the why me....

    you have been worrying about something, like you put all this work in...where is my reword...or this is it?

    seems like someone yessed you and you believed it....think look deeper to understand what is happening

    stuff is still going to hit the fan but it won’t be as bad...need to work thru it

    it won’t make you happy and you will have a few bumps in the road, the trick is to work thru them, think things thru and plan it out...hard work has it rewards.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick, yes this just happen a few month ago. My life hasn't been smooth, always rocky. Not complaining until recently. I worry so much about my kids and we will do without him. He's all I got here. Thanks Nick

  • Ok just try and remember don't lose you with the negativity...if you can let that go and just focus the love on the kids you will be happier. Easier said than done I know, because all the little things pull that away. Then without knowing it you start drifting from who you were and it’s easy to get lost that way. That’s when the pile gets heavier and you feel like you can't get out of it. So if you can focus on the good you won't get lost...make it the light that guides you.


  • Yes that is what I'm trying to do. It is very hard since he's always been my world. him and the kids. Now I have to focus more on the kids. They need him too he's been drifting away from us lately. He found new love, and we get forsaken...:)

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