Anyone can help me please?

  • I am desperately in need of help..thank you

  • What do you need?

  • Hello Captain, thank you for answering my plea. I need clarity about my marriage life. Can you help me? I am so confused and depressed, a bit of help might help.

  • If you give me yours and your husband's birthdays, I will check your profiles to see if the relationship will last.

  • Captain,

    my birthday is 19th Sep 1961 and his is 24th Oct 1969

    Thank you..

  • According to your astrological profiles, this is a bad combination for love. The relationship may experience a curious split between its social and its personal aspects. Combining your good taste and your husband's initiative, your relationship is extremely interested in both aesthetic and group affairs - possession, of either objects or people, is not an unusual theme here. The two of you may vie for dominance of social groups or activities. Both of you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find collectibles or items of good value, or simply to have a one-time glimpse of an exquisite art object. Such love of beauty may belie the tremendous psychological problems that can mar the relationship. Certain dark tendencies, carefully hidden from the view of concerned friends and family, may reach obsessive or even addictive proportions. Too often, you and your husband may be unaware of the subtle connections amongst your love of beauty, desire for social position, and negative thoughts about yourselves.

    Marriage here may be controlled by dark forces beyond your understanding. Erotic rather than affectionate impulses can predominate here, and the two of you may be tightly bound to each other not only by passion but by desperation and fear. All of this may go on behind a brilliant social facade. Unless one of you has marked analytical skills, it is unlikely that the relationship will furnish an environment in which self-understanding and love can flourish. The two of you would do well to spend even a fraction of the energy you put into outside concerns on your own internal problems. Building self-confidence, accompanied by a thorough psychological housecleaning in which old scripts and bad patterns of behaviour are swept out the door, is most important here. Your husband will probably treat you very harshly, even unjustly, at times, inflicting his own insecurities and fears onto you instead of dealing with them himself.

    You both want different things in life. You Fallenangel simply want to receive love. Your need to experience the loving energy of others is nearly insatiable. But you may be unwilling to accept intimacy or be unable to give yourself emotionally to others in return. You have to be able to give in order to receive. Spending an excessive amount of time worrying about your appearance will not help you find the real love you crave. You do know how to appear attractive to others and, because you are also charming and friendly, you will not be short of admirers. There is a tendency for you to rush into relationships without thinking over compatibility issues, however, and even in a settled relationship like marriage, you may be prone to bouts of restlessness and insecurity. You need a partner who will give you a sense of security, but also plenty of space to express yourself. You may fear letting go and letting the Universe take care of you with its grand plan. Believe that there is plenty of luck to go around, expect to receive some, and it will change your life. Faith is the most important power in the universe. Once you have learned to look beyond the material to find something deeper and more meaningful and to understand the importance of spiritual and emotional matters, your destiny is to draw on your rich experience of life to advise and help others.

    Your husband on the other hand wants to be right all the time and have everyone follow and fall in with the plans he has made for himself and his life. He likes to control everything and has trouble just going with the flow. When unforeseen circumstances derail or slow him down, he must learn to be flexible enough to change his approach, and not cling stubbornly to the plan he designed. He has an intense dramatic personality and is ruled by extreme emotions that he battles to control, but one of his greatest strengths is that he can play it cool, even when he feels totally insecure or out of control on the inside. He tends to blame his family and other people for keeping him from having the life he thinks he deserves, to the point where he misses out on success and happiness. He may take his profession, craft or work extremely seriously and prides himself on his accomplishments, while neglecting his family and emotional life in preference for his work. Greater tolerance, flexibility and openmindedness is needed if he is to find a balance and stability in his life. In love, he is extremely passionate and, once in a relationship, he will do all he can to keep the fires of love burning intensely. But committing to a relationship in the first place could be a big issue for him. Part of him is scared of love or being broken-hearted in a relationship, so the easiest solution is to avoid having one or to end a relationship before it starts getting serious. Trusting his instincts and allowing himself to surrender is risky because he likes to be in control, but is the only way for him to find the fulfillment in love that he craves.

    If there is anything more you need to ask, Fallenangel, please do so.

  • Wow Captain, thank you for being so elaborate about my issue. We've been married for 16 yrs and yes he blames his family all the time, including us for not getting what he wants. I love him very much and don't want to see him failed in life. I use to be his best friend and confidant until he met another girl. Now he's seeing her and I am just lost. Thank you again Captain.

  • Until he gets over being scared of love, he will not be faithful to this new girl - or anyone.

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