Can you please guide me? why am i stuck? please:((((

  • hello dear readers!

    can you guys please help me find out what should i do to get a job? i have been trying for months on end with no results. i was told last year that i am close to finding a job and nothing happened. i kept on posting my resumes to companies and it seems i have been doing it for ever.

    what should i do to land a job? i was told i need to meet someone, i know someone who will lead me to prospective employer and i will meet this person (friend, acquaintance, i have no clue) and i will get a job through them. but i didn't meet anyone who seemed to be interested in leading me to anyone.

    can you guys give me some hint as to where to go and find this person who can help me in this regard? how am i connected to them? where can i meet them? any clues will be helpful.

    i am not sure what to do. i am so frustrated! i feel like crying:(((((

    thank you all for your help!


  • Hello,

    I feel you need to contact a temporary agency. There seems to be an agency close to your home. If you need training , there are programs being offered, Fight to get that job you want, do what it takes to help yourself too. I receive that in two weeks to months your life will be on positive upswing.


  • oh shuabby! thanks a lot dear for taking a look at it. what kind of agency it is? any clue about what they deal in? name? anything? how am i going to find it? am not sure what kind of agency you are referring to:((

    i really hope i get a job soon else i'll go mad:((

  • You look in the phone book for temporary services. The Internet also. You can decide which service will be of help to you, as I do know what you do skill wise, I do know that a Thelma will be of help to you in this job search. You have to have faith in yourself and know that you may take stepping stones to get what you want,but during this journey, you will grow stronger.


  • hi shuabby

    is it possible to discuss something with you in private? if not that's fine too and i'll post my query here on the forum. but if it's not inconvenient for you to connect to me in private that will be really helpful.

    please do let me know!

  • I only give my free time here on the forum. All other readings will have to be paid for as energy exchanged like a job you go to and get paid for your skills and service, time. Let me know if you want a reading from me and I will tell u how to achive that.


  • hello shuabby!

    i am not in a situation to pay for your services at the moment dear as you know already!

    i'll write my query here. if you can manage to read that will be really awesome!

    i went to this health centre in the vicinity a month ago to volunteer so i can get some exposure and connect to people. but i didn't go there after a while. i got this vibe to move on although it was nice friendly environment with only ladies volunteering in various positions.

    i have this sudden urge to go there again and work, volunteer and i will meet the lady there who will get me into this company i am aspiring to be in. i want to work in legal field and this lady's husband has a law firm. but she has no clue that i want to work there in her husband's law firm. she just knows that i want to volunteer there at this health centre. this health centre is run my volunteers only. only 2 positions are paid that are authorities and she is one of them.

    when you mentioned thelma in the vicinity i immediately saw her in my mind.

    do you think i should go to this health centre? and volunteer there for some time and this lady i am taking about will lead me to her husband who will give me a job?

    if my hunch is right do you think he will hire me as a full time employee or i will be freelancing for him? i soooooo feel that i should go there meet her again.

    any clue why is it so? or whethere it is a good idea to go work at this health centre? else i am clueless what to do:((((

    many thanks for your help dear.

  • Hello,

    I m one who believes in following your inner intuition. I also think that you.need to understand that a psychic is a tool to help guide you, not someone that is there to lead your life for you. That said, if you are trained in the field in which you want to work in, than as they say do not place your eggs all in one basket, spread them around and have more chance at success. Why not just call the woman and ask her if there is an opening at her husbands place of work?


  • i called her and she is out of town. i'll call her again after she is back. i'll go by my gut instinct this time and see what turns up.

    thanks shuabby for your help. i'll update you if something works out!

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