Will Things Work Out?

  • Hi! I am planning to attend another school in the fall. The only issue I see would be getting in. It's a selective school. My grades are OK, but it sounds like they prefer to admit students with a higher GPA. Do you see me getting into this school? If I get in, will everything work out? I could use a break, as things haven't been going so well for me lately.

  • Always have a plan B, so you won't be totally thrown off if plan A doesn't work out. Plan B can be about still getting what you want from Plan A if A doesn't succeed. (That is, have an ultimate goal but several ways to get it). Even have a plan C - one that is really out there, something very different to what plan A and B are. The more directions that are open to you, the less blocked and frustrated you will feel if one or two plans don't work out. It's about flexibility.

    So stretch your mind and creativity, and answer me this then. What is your -

    Plan A

    Plan B

    Plan C

    Maybe even...Plan D?

  • I had to think about this one a lot because lately, I've been trying to do things in steps. I had to ask myself "Is my ultimate goal to be successful or to earn a college degree?" Can one be achieved without the other? And of course the answer is that a college degree helps one to be more successful, but is no guarantee of success. So, my Plan A,B,C and D are:

    Plan A would be to apply to this school. Let's say I'm admitted. I would then study theatre. My ultimate goal would be to use this education to be successful in that field.

    Plan B would be to attend a less selective school. I would still study theatre, but the courses may be less rigorous. I could still be successful in that field, but may not have the same connections and experience I would have at the other school.

    Plan C would be to skip college altogether- at least for now. I could take non-college classes at an all ages performing arts school. I could try to get behind the scenes experience working or volunteering for a theatre.

    Plan D would be to go in a completely different direction and pursue another course of study or career.

    So, those are plans A, B,C and D. I've been trying to look at things from all sides, but sometimes I still worry about how things will turn out. I don't remember if I've ever posted about this or not, but I feel like I may have been blacklisted by someone who has a lot of connections to theatre in my area. It's a long story. That's why I feel like it would be better to go to another area. If I can't, the best thing is just not to mention this individual or the fact that I have any connection to him. I have questions about whether it would be better to pursue a different career path because of this issue. I live in a small area, and it's difficult to find somewhere where this guy hasn't worked or may still be working. I try to forget about it, but it is something that could potentially be an issue for me.

  • It's good that you have options. You can feel greater freedom that way and are less dependent on only one option or outcome. I wouldn't worry about this man in the theatre - if you work hard and show talent, you will be snapped up by people in the industry.

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