Need a little intuitional insight!

  • Hello readers 🙂 I hope all is well with you, blessings be with you, truly!

    To be honest my life has really...stopped, lately.I don't seem to have any sense of a future other than waking up the next day. Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY grateful to have a healthy body, supporting family, a roof over my head...but I seem stuck on actually trying to move on my own.

    I feel like a bird in a cage, while I have the things I need to survive I don't feel like I'm...LIVING!

    Can anyone feel my energy, speaking with their guides, use whatever divine form that works to help me here? What can I do!? Why am I in this state? Does it serve a greater life purpose?

    If I'm forced into I supposed to reflect on something? I'm truly...lost!

    Thank you so much!

    Sending you all love!


  • Your feelings are normal. Often the energy to go forward is a push of WILL. You were born with a bit of a challenge more than most but it's not something you can not get passed. There is mental illness in your family. Please do not be offended but to be truthful about your roadblocks is beneficial. I sense a depression issue and anxiety issue .....from these stems outward into other manifestation. Possible eating disorders and body issues. The detachment of body and reality, you as well as someone else in your family have issues with SEEING your body realistically. This can be isolating as others find that hard to grasp. It is similar to those who are bone thin but see fat! Of course others think that is crazy....but it is a real physical issue of the brain.You have issues with FEELING as well.....there is a disconnect that isolates you from others. I think you are lost inside yourself and you instead are more aware of anothers feelings than your own. Yet when you try to break this habit.....cut off that other person you end up in a stage of complete emptiness! You did not detach properly from a parent. This was a two way street. I believe it's female. So it makes sense to be your mother. You did not just hold on....she held on nurtured it not realizing the future consequences of that. Her intentions where blurred. Somewhere in your early life she went through traumatic times and clung to you. I feel a male presence brought fear and unsafe feelings to her world and unfortunately you two became one as you felt her always. I need to stop here but if any of this resonates I will respond further. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon! I’ll try to address every point!

    A mental illness? Hmmm, my family has no known record of mental illness…though I could go out and agree that they do not cope well with their emotions…I’ll expand on this on further points if needed.

    A depression from me? Most definitely, again because I feel stranded. Anxiety? Only if my mother presses me or guilt trips me on issues. (Or at least, I see it as guilt tripping…she’s truly just stressed and expresses it outwards)

    Detachment of my body? I’m transgendered…but I wouldn’t say I’m detached, in fact, the more I transition, the more I become attached to it! But yes, family has been seeing me transition. Transitioning is something not many grasp, so yes, this can be isolating, but I am blessed to have a mothr help me through this process. Even if she may not fully understand, I don’t know how much of it she ‘gets’.

    I frequently cut off people for personal isolation, but yes, that can leave me empty because I’m alone…yet also like being alone.

    I did not/ have not detached from my mother. Our fates have been really stuck together, even our astrology charts show we were destined to meet (I was conceived past the pill and condom, what are the chances?)

    The male presence could have been her two husbands she had during my childhood. I’m not sure, I wasn’t focused on her emotions when I was young, too lost in myself.

    So…pretty much you’ve hit everything on the nose!

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    If you are busy it is perfectly fine 🙂 I hope you are doing well.

  • One more bump!

    If you are busy it is perfectly fine 🙂 I hope you are doing well.

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    Thank you for the insight you have given me.

  • Final bump.

    Thank you for the insight you have given me.

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