What about ghosts or spirits?

  • Hello everyone! I recently had a paranormal investigator come by y home as I have been having various things happening since I moved in to this new place a year ago. When I first moved in, there was an issue with the bathroom light. I had it repaired and it kept happening, but only to me. One day I asked if it was a spirit to stop it... and it stopped. I also have issues with electronics. My laptop or cell phone would start replaying music or a station that I had closed out, or I would close my laptop and it would start playing music at random. My phone also reboots at random. One day my microwave turned on all by itself and I was across the room. My Mom even was here for that. I also have had a vacuum and 2 coffee pots stop working. The second one was only 2 months old. The clincher was when I herd knocking in the wall. It sounded like someone was walking by the window and knocking on the outside wall in repetitions of 3. I thought maybe it was someone out there or a tree branch or snow falling, but when I went out, there was no footprints in the snow, no tree branches touching the house, and no where that snow could have fallen from.

    So, this friend came by and did an investigation. He caught an image of someone in a pic that he took and recorded some things through a spirit box. What he found looks so real. Do you think they are trying to get my attention? If so how can I communicate with them?

    I am not sure that I can post the links to what he found in here, but the website is seeking lost souls dot com and the pics and recordings from my home were dated 2/9 and in Vienna, OH.

    I appreciate any information or feedback anyone can provide.

    Blessings to all!

  • There may well be spirits in your house, MM, but have you read about people whose strong human energy field (aura) can affect electronics? You may be one such person since many of the phenomena you describe involve electrical objects. Some people are aware of the energy they can build and for others it is a complete surprise when it occurs. Quite often it can be digital clocks, watches, or radios that are affected - have you noticed this at all? Some people have had experiences including turning street lights on and off as they pass by them. Others affect the performance of computers and televisions or cause lights, security alarms and other electronics in their home to turn off and on repeatedly.

    There are a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual reasons for why this happens. For some people, it occurs only when their emotions are running very high and for others it was a random event occurring only when they were going through puberty. Some of these people are tapping into what is described in parapsychology as psychokinesis/telekinesis (PK/TK). While there are skeptics who will say that the human body is not capable of affecting these fields, those who have experienced doing so first hand see the results.

    In some cases, it is not a burst of energy that is created, but rather energy residue that has built up and is trapped within the aura and energy bodies and is not able to be released properly. To imagine what this looks like in the field surrounding the body, visualize a thunder storm right before the rain is released from the clouds. The clouds are heavy and full, the energy gathers and the air feels pregnant, ready for a release. If the conditions are not right and the rain is not able to gently fall, tumultuous weather patterns can occur with lightning and high winds. Energy blocked in the fields can cause similar disruptions as it seeks to be released. When there is a blockage which stops the release of energy, it builds like a thunderstorm and can create havoc.

    There are also people who have learned consciously with their spiritual practice, and sometimes subconsciously carrying over information from previous lifetimes, to balance and harness this energy. They are able to take this energy to creative positive effects in the world including healing abilities in many forms, such as physical healing, soul healing, working with nature and raising the energy vibration of people and places wherever they are.

    There has been some scientific parapsychological research on this effect, including what is referred to as the Pauli effect (a term referring to the apparently mysterious 'anecdotal' failure of technical equipment in the presence of certain people). Further research needs to be continued on psychokinesis, expanded consciousness and expanded energy fields so that it can be further understood. In the future as we evolve as a species, more of these unsolved mysteries will be commonplace and considered to be a natural sixth sense, rather than a supernatural one. You might try experimenting yourself with electrical objects just to see if you can consciously affect them.

  • Thanks for your response Captain! I have looked into kinetic energy and considered that as a possibility for the issues with electronics. I used to stream music from my laptop sometimes when I fell asleep, then would wake up and close it at some point. later, in the early hours of the morning, it would start playing music while it was closed. I have had similar things with my phone after listening to IHeart. I close out the app, and a couple hours later, it will come back on. Also with y phone, I frequently pick it up as people are texting me. So, yes, I can see how, as you explained, that my energy may be causing that. However, I do not have an explanation for the knocking on the outside of my home. It happened on two different occasions in two different locations.

  • I also can remember issues at work with computers. There were times that someone would be having trouble with them, and when I would come over they would start working again. I have also had the opposite happen where I have trouble getting them to operate.

  • Here is one of the pictures that were taken. There is also audio on their website, but I am not sure I can post the links here.

  • oh, guess i can't post the pic here either.

  • It might also be that your strong energy is attracting curious spirits.

    Have you ever looked into energy healing?

  • I feel that if you can focus and concentrate all your energy on just one thing or person at a time, it will be highly effective. Meditation is good for focusing. Experiment with various techniques.

  • I have looked at energy healing, but not to any great extent. I have tried meditation too, and find it very difficult. However, I will spend more time looking at both of these. Thank you so much for your feedback. Blessings to you Captain!

  • MissyMill,

    This thread is sorta old now, but I have a question. I would like to know if you have done anything to draw the spirits to you? As in maybe Ouija board, scrying or something? I sorta get the feeling here that you did. I see you doing some focus in this. Not that it is a bad thing. Just be careful. Know too that you are very possibly a sensitive person or medium. I feel that emotionally you have gone through a VERY hard time. Have you had things like this happen to you in the past? If you have a religion , please pray and protect your self. I feel you know this already. I did go to the website and seen and heard. That picture is very good. You can even see his face. I am getting that allot of the happenings are residual. Look into the history of your house. And learn as much about being a medium and protecting your self. Lots of free info on the web. Good luck to you and stay safe. You are going to be ok. They do not seem threatening. Educate yourself.as much a you can on this because you have a gift.


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